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Iran Bus Ticket

Iran Bus Ticket

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Traveling is all adventure. Leaving your safe side for an unfamiliar place and people are the least form of this adventure. The more steps one goes forward, the more adventures boost. Some travelers like it easier. They take a flight and stay at a hotel. Yet, some others perform it differently. They may like more mingling with locals or want a low-budget trip, or for any other reason.

Traveling to Iran can be held both with an Iran luxury tour or on a budget way. From the moment of your arrival at the airport, depending on your plans, your level of adventure starts. Your Iran tour agency will take responsibility for all your plans. They are already there to pick you up. Yet, what if you have chosen to travel on your own?

We are going to tell you how to have a safe and charming journey in and between the cities. You will learn about public transportation in Iran including bus riding. Are you ready then?

Iran Public Transportation in Cities

Taxis, subways, and buses are the ways you can wander the city, easily. They are at hand everywhere in the cities.



Your first encounter with the taxis is at the airport. They will take you to your booked accommodation. From then on it is your choice how to go around. The taxi system covers the whole city. You can call one from your place or take it as a passerby on the streets. Definitely, it needs you to know Farsi well. Recently, taxi fee payment has become online and through QR codes. If you have Iranian tourist MahCard, you can afford these online purchases.

Rideshare Apps

Another way of going through the city is the rideshare apps. “Snapp” and “Tapsi” are the professional systems that run like Uber. Install either of them on your smartphone. They both provide you with the English language. Yet, again you may need to speak Farsi for communicating with the driver. In case, neither you nor the driver could talk the same language, the support team will be there for you.


Subway/ Underground

If you are in the big cities, you can escape the traffic on the streets by taking refugees to the subway. Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz on Iran’s main tourist route have good coverage of subway stations. Karaj, Tabriz, and Mashad are on this team too. The maps are installed on all the walls underground. Also, there is an application for subway routes in each city. You can either buy a ticket or a card. Taking a card has the benefit that you can use it several times regarding the amount of the credit you have charged. Also, it is useful for taking buses.




Using the bus is cheaper but not necessarily faster. During the rush hour, buses may delay in getting to the stations and hence the destination. Unless you use the (Bus Rapid Transit) BRT system , which is just available in Tehran. Now there are 10 BRT lines in this big city to facilitate the motor traffic. The transit cards are again chargeable for either BRT or ordinary buses.


Iran Intercity Commutation

You can go through Iran by airways, or railways, or hit the roads by bus. When traveling between cities, either of them can be used depending on your starting city and the destination. Going through the roads is the most available way and the cheapest as well.


Road Safety in Iran

The safety of roads in Iran is not at the top of the list. Yet, it is improving significantly. And, it’s good to know that traveling on the bus is the safest way on an Iran road trip. The public vehicles are modern and standard and their drivers must pass certain qualifications.

Road Safety in Iran

Is it Safe to Take A Night Ride?

When traveling with registered buses and qualified drivers, it is safe to travel at night or day. Road safety regarding security issues is totally ensured by the Traffic Police Department.


Which Buses Are Appropriate for Your Trip?

Public road vehicles and buses in Iran are modern and clean. You must take the bus considering your trip duration. For longer trips, VIP buses with 25-seat are the best. Because the seats can be converted to half-bed. So that you have a comfortable condition during the journey. Another first-class type of bus is the 32-seat one. They provide less space during your sleep. The ordinary buses are 44-seat. They have less space between the seats. Thus, it’s better to take them on short trips.

How to Buy Bus Ticket in Iran?

If you are not traveling during the high season or on weekends, go directly to the bus terminals and take the ticket to your destination. This can be done even in cash or via a tourist credit card. Another easier way is to reserve it online. It frees you from the risk of not finding the ticket. Many sites offer you information about the prices, timetables, and types of buses, and provide you with easy purchase of tickets.

Traveling with an Iran Tour

Many travelers like to be free and independent on their trips. They do not want to limit themselves to a fixed plan and itinerary. Some teachers want their journey to be low-budget. They avoid taking tours to reduce the expenses. But, there are tour packages that satisfy their needs and preferences. They plan based on the tourists’ interested budgets. Moreover, these Iran tours can do all the required processes for you. So there is no reason to worry about anything. This includes taking a bus ticket and paying for it.

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