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Hotels in Yazd

Hotels in Yazd

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Yazd is a city in central Iran that has historically been an important center of Zoroastrianism, which was once the country’s dominant faith. It is also the capital of Yazd Province. The city is mostly famous for its historic structures and beautiful Persian gardens. This ancient city is a favorite tourist destination for Iranians and foreigners alike.

During Sassanid times, Yazd was an important center of Zoroastrianism, which was once the country’s dominant religion. In more recent times, Zoroastrianism. Yazd is often called “the city of windcatchers” because, as legend has it, during the scorching heat of summer, people would draw water from the ground, boil it and pour it on the windcatchers in order to cool the air. Besides its windcatchers, this city is also known for its lengthy and ancient history. The traces of Yazd’s long history still remain in the old neighborhoods and its historical buildings.

Yazd is not only ancient, but the list of nicknames given to this city is long and high. The City is also known as the City of Winds, the City of Fire and the Sun, and the City of pastries are just a few of the things Yazd is known for. It is possible to walk among the clay alleys, visit the Zoroastrian fire temple, and touch the sands of the desert by staying in one of the hotels in Yazd. While traveling, you can make a hotel reservation in Yazd and other Iran Destinations at a reasonable price in IranAmaze.

Hotel Reservation in Yazd

One of the first things you should do to book a hotel in Yazd is to choose the date of arrival and departure. In the list of Yazd hotels on the IranAmaze website, you can check and compare accommodations according to price, location, and quality of services and facilities. After choosing the option you want, the payment process and capacity check are done quickly, and your Yazd hotel reservation is complete.

Hotel Prices in Yazd

The price of a suitable hotel in Yazd changes according to the type of accommodation, the number of reservation days and passengers, and the date of the travel season. Iranamaze has the best prices for Yazd hotel reservations on most days of the year, and you can experience an affordable and different trip.

List of the Best Hotels in Yazd

To find the list of good hotels in Yazd, go to the hotel and accommodation rating on the Iranamaze website. This score is the average of user comments and scores given by travelers to these hotels. Dad Hotel, Mehr Traditional Hotel, Homan Boutique Hotel, Shahrazad Eco Lodge, and Ara Traditional Lodge have high ratings in Iran.

If you stay in one of the historic hotels in Fahadan, you are close to many sights of Yazd. Yazd Jame Mosque, Khan Bazaar, House of Lorries, Water Museum, Amirchakhmaq Square, and Iskander Prison are some of the historical places in the center of Yazd city. Of course, Daulat Abad Garden and Zoroastrian Fire Temple are not too far from the city center. Desert climbing and camping in the desert are also interesting activities that you can try while traveling in Yazd.

Why Travel to Yazd?

Yazd, the city of winds, is considered one of the oldest cities in Iran. A city that has traces of it in most of the different periods of the kingdom’s reign. The existence of historical and old texture in the heart of this ancient adobe city is attractive and spectacular for both Iranians and foreign tourists alike. Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Jame Mosque of Yazd, and Amir Chakhmaq Square are just a few of the sights of Yazd. In addition to the sights inside the city, Yazd is also famous for desert and desert climbing. By booking Yazd hotels in Iranamaze, you gain a broad and thorough experience of this beautiful city.

What Season is the best time to travel to Yazd?

Yazd is a hot desert city. Therefore, if you want to avoid the heat, go to Yazd in autumn and winter. From late winter to mid-spring, Yazd has the mildest weather.

What is the Price of a Hotel in Yazd?

In Yazd, there are all kinds of hotels and accommodations with various prices. And travelers with any taste can book a hotel according to their needs and budget. If you prefer to stay in one of the luxury hotels, booking one of the 4 or 5-star hotels in Yazd can give you a memorable time. If you also want to experience staying in the historical and old houses of Yazd, you can book traditional and ecotourism accommodations in Iranamaze. Many of these accommodations are reasonably priced and are ideal options for budget-friendly yet unique travel.

In Which Area of ​​Yazd Should We Book a Hotel?

Many traditional residences and hotels of Yazd are located in Fahadan neighborhood and historical and old context. If you are interested in sightseeing and walking in the clay alleys of Yazd, booking a hotel in this area can be suitable for you. Some hotels are also close to Dolat Abad Garden, Atesh Kadeh, and other places of interest in Yazd. You can view the location of Yazd hotels in Iran and book the best option for your stay.

Enchanting Yazd is full of historical, old, and at the same time luxurious and modern; As you can stay in traditional hotels that were the homes of nobles in the past.

Yazd is the first adobe city in the world and the second living historical city in the world after Venice, which has recently been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautiful city sleeps in the warm embrace of the desert and has not changed much over the years, and the smell of history and tradition can still be smelled in its alleys among its old adobe houses and domed roofs. Every Iranian should visit the windy city at least once in his life because this city has something extraordinary to show everyone, regardless of their taste.

The pleasure of traveling to Arous Kavir is doubled by staying in its attractive hotels. It is impossible to stay in traditional hotels, which were the homes of nobles in the past, anywhere in Iran except Yazd. These hotels are part of the city’s tourist attractions, and their wonderful architecture fascinates every viewer. By entering these hotels, you step into the old days and historical atmosphere of Yazd. Sleeping under the arch of the historical rooms of these hotels while your nose is filled with the smell of clay and pottery has a different feeling. Drinking tea in the moonlight of these hotels and watching the old area and the pond in the middle of the yard is a special pleasure. You can choose modern and luxury hotels if you don’t want to stay in traditional hotels.

Here, we introduce you to the best hotels in the historical city of Yazd so that you can compare hotels and book Yazd hotels before your trip.

Dad Hotel Yazd

Address: No. 114, 10th Farvardin St., Shahid Beheshti Square, Yazd.

Hotel facilities: gym, massage salon, coffee shop, internet cafe, conference hall, outdoor restaurant, traditional restaurant, shopping center, green space, laundry, taxi service, wireless internet, private parking, library, hair salon, medical services, fast food, ATM.

The four-star Dad hotel is located in the heart of Yazd city, which is nearly a century old, preserving its historical authenticity and traditional architecture with modern and up-to-date facilities. In the old days in 1307, this hotel was built by “Haj Abdul Khaliq Dad” with a guest house and unloading garage, and later in 1380, due to its unique architecture and beautiful environment, it was restored and renovated by “Mohammed Hassan Dad”, one of the descendants of the founder of the building. In 2006, it became a luxury hotel under the title of 4-star Dad Yazd Hotel.

In the construction of this building, the oldest materials used by desert dwellers were straw and brick. The hotel has two positive floors and one negative floor with 88 rooms equipped with modern amenities. One of the advantages of the hotel is its proximity to well-known attractions such as the Zoroastrian fire temple and Amir Chakhmaq complex. A traditional restaurant serving various delicious Iranian and foreign dishes in a pleasant and peaceful environment, an outdoor coffee shop on the roof of the hotel with a view of the city of Yazd, and a well-equipped sports complex are the privileges of this hotel. Also, the use of the sauna, swimming pool, and jacuzzi in this hotel is free.

Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel, Yazd

Address: Yazd, Timsar Fallahi Street, next to Imam Hassan Square.

Hotel facilities: gym, coffee shop, internet cafe, conference hall, outdoor restaurant, traditional restaurant, shopping center, green space, laundry, taxi service, wireless internet, private parking, library, hair salon, medical services, outdoor pool, fast food, satellite, ATM.

The four-star Parsian Safaiyeh hotel is located in one of the pleasant neighborhoods of Yazd city, in a large and green garden with towering trees and beautiful gardens, close to the attractions. Safaiyeh Hotel consists of two parts, the new hotel and the Bagh Hotel, the new part is a masterpiece of modern and traditional architecture, and the part of the Bagh Hotel has a traditional structure.

The hotel has 200 rooms in 3 floors equipped with advanced and luxury amenities. In the rooms of this hotel, which have windows overlooking the hotel garden, you can wake up with the singing of birds. Safaiyeh Hotel is located in a part of the city that has easy access to other areas of the city, passenger terminal, entertainment centers, business and sightseeing places. Chobi restaurant, Kolah Ferengi coffee shop with a capacity of 70 people, Narin multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 40 people, a coffee shop with a summer atmosphere and a water feature with a capacity of 70 people, Alma coffee shop with a glass space in the middle of the garden, a craft store, free parking, and a conference hall are among the facilities.

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel, Yazd

Address: Yazd City, Enghelab St., Moshir Blvd.

Hotel facilities: conference hall, laundry, coffee shop, garden, lobby, restaurant, wireless internet, internet cafe, taxi service, traditional teahouse, parking

The four-star Bagh Moshir al-Mamalek hotel is the first Iranian garden hotel and a relic from the Qajar era in the northwest of Yazd, on the edge of the old city, on one of the entrance streets of the city. This garden was built in distant times, during the era of Muzaffaruddin Shah Qajar, on a land of 13,000 square meters by “Mirza Fethullah Mushir al-Mamalek”, who was in charge of the finance administration at the end of the Qajar era. Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel was established in 2002 as the first Iranian garden hotel with a traditional structure and equipped with all modern comforts and advanced equipment.

 The hotel’s traditional rooms and suites have balconies with a wonderful view of the hotel’s beautiful garden, which is one of the hotel’s attractions. You can sit for hours in the beautiful area of ​​the garden, watching beautiful fountains, ancient and towering trees, ponds, flowing streams, and the hotel’s original architecture. Bagh Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel is located in a location that has easy access to the city center and tourist attractions of Yazd, such as Amir Chakhmaq Square, Water Museum, Dolat Abad Garden, and Khan Bazaar. Bagh Moshir Al Mamalek Hotel is also registered on Iran’s national works list.

Fahadan Museum Hotel

Address: Yazd, Fahadan, in front of Iskandar Historical Prison.

Hotel facilities: wireless internet, internet cafe, medical services, taxi service, a beautiful area, travel agency services, restaurant, coffee shop

The four-star Fahadan Museum Hotel is part of the Mehr chain of hotels, which is located in the heart of the Kashti city of Yazd in a traditional setting and near ancient monuments. About 250 years ago, this hotel was a house owned by a family of merchants named “Tehrani” during the Qajar era. The hotel building with wooden windows and colorful glass reminds every viewer of old houses and sweet memories of the past. The beauty of the building and its size had caused this building to be used for some time as the economic consulate office of some European countries such as France and Germany in the region.

Fahadan Hotel is the first museum hotel in Iran, which has 28 rooms with a capacity of 70 beds. The hotel building consists of three main courtyards, the Narenjestan and Kolah Ferangi mansion, three beautiful wind towers, a large hall, a well, a beautiful and active mirage, a vestibule, and a door, and a large roof overlooking the historical fabric of Yazd. When you step into the courtyard of this hotel, you will see a pond with blue tiles full of water with old beds placed around the corner. One of the advantages of this hotel is the location of Iskandar prison, right next to it. Other tourist attractions near the hotel include Lariha House, Malekzadeh House, and Zorkhaneh Abolfazl. This hotel has been registered as a historical monument in Iran.

Rose Traditional Hotel, Yazd

Address: Yazd, Shahid Beheshti Square, the beginning of Imam St., the end of Farhang Alley.

Hotel facilities: internet and cafe, medical services, taxi service, table tennis, chess, billiards, jacuzzi and sauna, beautiful green space, restaurant, and coffee shop.

Santi Rose Hotel is one of the 3-star and historical hotels in Khashti city of Yazd. This hotel is actually an old house that was built about 250 years ago during the Qajar era by a man named “Sheikh Mahdi Arab”. Since this man’s family was known as “Tehranis”, this house also became known as “Tehranis’ House”. Like other historical houses in Yazd, clay and mud were used in the construction of this building.

The hotel has 11 rooms with a capacity of 35 beds. Upon entering this building, you will feel like you have entered a very old and cozy house. The green and clean yard with a large pond in the middle and beds arranged in the yard creates an intimate atmosphere and reminds you of old movie houses. The hotel’s outdoor restaurant, which serves a variety of traditional and tasty Iranian dishes, is one of the other attractions of this hotel. This hotel is located in a part of the city that makes it easier for you to access the traditional and historical context of the city and its sightseeing and entertainment places. The Traditional Rose Hotel is also a short distance from Shahid Sadouqi Airport and Yazd Railway Station and a few steps away from Yazd Jame Kabir Mosque.

Mehr Traditional Hotel, Yazd

Address: Yazd, Qiyam St., Labkhandagh Alley.

Hotel facilities: lobby, coffee shop, housekeeping services, restaurant, travel agency services, store, internet cafe, billiard hall, handicraft booth, medical services, green space, taxi service, parking.

Mehr Traditional Hotel is a three-star hotel with traditional architecture but modern facilities and advanced equipment located in the historical context of Yazd city. About 200 years ago, during the Qajar era, this hotel was owned by a merchant family named “Zargar Yazdi” and was known by that name. Mehr Traditional Hotel has 23 rooms with good facilities.

Yazd Arg-e Jadid Hotel

Arg-e Jadid Hotel in Yazd, with 4 stars, is one of the best and most luxurious hotels in Yazd, located in the new context of Yazd with its architectural style and modern facilities were opened in 2011. The different halls of Arg-e Jadid Hotel with different and diverse layouts are the spokesperson of the special beauty of this modern and magnificent hotel. The Arg-e Jadid Hotel is one of the Yazd hotels in a cozy and peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. By reserving one of its 64 rooms or 4 VIP suites, you can experience peace and a good night’s sleep. The high mountains of Shirkuh tied the heart to nature and spent hours in a pleasant fantasy.

One of the advantages of staying and booking at Arg-e Yazd Hotel is that it is close to the tourist attractions of Yazd, such as the Tower of Silence, the historical crypt of Yazd, and Azadegan Safaiyeh Park, etc., and they are easily accessible.

Khan-e Dohad Traditional Hotel, Yazd

Khan Dohad Traditional Hotel, Yazd, is a historical hotel with 700 meters of area, which belongs to the Qajar era. This hotel is located in the historical context of Yazd and was opened in 1393 after renovation. The large vestibule of the traditional Khan-e Dohad Hotel in Yazd leads to the breakfast room and 3 inner courtyards of this spectacular hotel, and its rooms have been brought together and organized. Straw walls with artistic plastering, traditional wooden doors and windows, rooms with various frames, pottery, and traditional lamps, are all relics of the distant days to connect us to the past and the glorious authenticity of the time.

Reservation of Khan Hotel is possible for an easy visit of Yazd tourist attractions such as Amirchakhmaq, Water Museum, Yazd traditional markets, Seyyed Ruknuddin Mausoleum, Yazd Jame Mosque, Hazira Mosque, etc.

Fazeli Hotel, Yazd

Fazeli Hotel, Yazd, is a traditional 3-star hotel in the historical context of Yazd, which is nearly 800 meters wide. This hotel dates back to the Safavid and Qajar periods. Khaneh Fazli Yazd was renovated in 1392 and opened as a hotel in 1395. Fazeli Hotel, Yazd, is a 3-story house with opposite doors and windows and 2 small and large wind deflectors on the roof, which overlooks the beautiful facade of Yazd Jame Mosque and the historical context of Yazd city, and reminds of the authenticity and antiquity of the house. A water pond provides the purity of nature of Fazeli Hotel Yazd with rose and pink flower gardens in the middle of the building, which gives soul and life to this house.

Booking Fazeli Hotel in Yazd with 16 traditional and modern rooms of 44 beds means a comfortable visit to Yazd tourist attractions and historical places such as Lariha House, Yazd Grand Mosque, Yazd Traditional Markets, Iskander Prison, Poisonous Snake Museum, Heydarzadeh Coin Museum and… is.

Yazd Kohan Kashane Hotel

Kohan Kashane Hotel is a 2-star traditional hotel with the architectural style of the past in the heart of the historical fabric of Yazd, which was Mr. Taslim’s personal home and was opened in 2013 as a traditional hotel after restoration. Booking a luxury hotel in Kohan Kashane Hotel means staying in one of 16 rooms with 45 beds and watching its attractions such as the aqueduct footing and the rooftop overlooking the beautiful view of the desert city of Yazd. The pool of this house, following the architectural style of desert houses, has a small depth to increase the extent and level of the water and reduce the risk of falling and suffocation of minors; this is one of the magnificent architectural details of our intelligent ancestors.

Kohan Kashane is a traditional hotel close to the historical places of Yazd, such as the House of the Trucks, Tomb of Twelve Imams, Museum of Coins, and Anthropology of Yazd, Iskander Prison, and Jame Mosque of Yazd.

Homan Traditional Hotel, Yazd

To see this spectacular boutique hotel, you must go to Qiyam St. and Lab Khandagh Alley. Human Hotel will be in front of you in Rismanian Alley. It is interesting to know that this noble house was called Zargar House and belonged to a gold merchant from Yazd.

Now, this hotel has become a Homan and a residence for Yazd travelers by maintaining trust in the architecture of the past. This exemplary house dates back 150 years ago. Like other traditional houses in Yazd, this two-story hotel has all the elements of a desert house. Upon entering this traditional house and looking at the wooden doors, water pond, and traditional architecture, you will be given a special peace.

If you are interested in history, you will definitely see this traditional house, because this historical building is considered a sight to see regardless of the comfort and accommodation facilities. The outer and inner courtyards, the Narenjestan courtyard, the roof, the aqueduct, etc., are some of the attractions of this traditional hotel that will not be hidden from the eyes of history and culture enthusiasts.

You can book all kinds of rooms and suites in this hotel with suitable facilities. The hotel rooms have good and appropriate facilities, and the cleanliness of the rooms is noticeable. It must be said; The arrangement and placement of equipment in Homan Hotel accommodation units have been made with special care.

Facilities of Homan traditional hotel:

One of the facilities of the Homan traditional hotel is the traditional restaurant. The cozy and beautiful environment of the restaurant and the timely service, as well as the variety of quality food, make you choose this restaurant again for a hearty meal. Among the other facilities and services of the traditional Homan Hotel are a safe deposit box, laundry service, parking, internet, transfer, coffee shop, 24-hour reception, and tour and ticket services.

We have reached the end of introducing luxury hotels in Yazd; I have to say; Yazd should be considered a paradise for those interested in history and culture. If you step into this city of clay and mud and its alleys, Do not simply pass by his stories. Because this city has many untold stories in its rows of clay and historical buildings. By choosing the traditional hotels of Yazd and visiting the historical houses of this city, you can walk in the corridors of history. I hope this article will be a good guide for you in choosing a suitable hotel.

Which hotels in Yazd are closest to Sadooghi International Airport in Yazd?

For many travelers who travel to Yazd for business reasons, the hotel’s proximity to the airport is of particular importance. This proximity means that there is no need to worry about getting to the flight. But among the more than 30 hotels that have been built in the corners of this city, the distance of all of them from the airport is not too short. If you think you don’t have enough time to search among the hotels in Yazd and find the closest ones to the airport, Iranamaze recommends you read which hotels in Yazd are closest to Shahid Sadouqi Airport.

Caravan Hotel

The closest hotel to Shahid Sadouqi Yazd Airport is Karvan Hotel; It means that you only need 3 minutes to get from the hotel to the airport, which is a great advantage for the hotel. But it is better to know a little more about this 3-star hotel: Karvan is 10 minutes away from the city center and some historical attractions such as Daulat Abad Garden or Iskandar Prison. In addition, the presence of one to four bedrooms and VIP suites with all facilities next to the restaurant, coffee shop, private parking, and open space for sports training indicates a comfortable stay in the hotel. Karvan Hotel also has inner-city and extra-city patrols.

Tehrani hotel

Tehrani Hotel is one of the old 4-star hotels in Yazd, which is located 9 minutes away from the city’s airport. It seems that the accommodation units of the hotel, which include one, two, three, and four-bedrooms and honeymoon suites, royal double, and four-bed rooms, are Suitable for both family stay and business stay. In fact, the conference hall of this hotel has hosted many events, which is considered a strong point for it. Providing services such as shops, restaurants, parking, and taxi service have also helped the hotel’s popularity among travelers.

Aramesh Hotel (Ex. Khatam)

Aramesh Hotel, which was previously known as Khatam, is located at the beginning of Yazd Republic Blvd. This 3-star hotel is only 8 minutes away from Shahid Sadouqi Airport. The hotel’s location has made it far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and perhaps its name is graceful peace. As for the accommodation units of Aramesh Hotel, it should be mentioned the single, double, triple, and connecting rooms and one-bedroom suites for three people and VIPs for four people. Although you are not in favor of a newly built hotel, you are fully provided with catering and convenience services such as restaurant, parking, airport transfer, and taxi service.

Atlas Hotel

Atlas Hotel is a Dostare hotel that is only 15 minutes away from Yazd Airport. By staying in this hotel located on Shahid Sadoughi Blvd. Eight-bed, five-bed suites or two-bed and three-bedrooms will be available to you. If you choose the Atlas Hotel, you should know that this hotel is not very new, but it seems suitable for a short and economical stay. In addition, there is a restaurant, coffee shop, and parking lot in this 3-story hotel.

Muzaffar Hotel

Yazd is the birthplace of traditional hotels. Muzaffar Hotel is one of the other three-star traditional hotels in this desert city, which is 15 minutes away from the airport. The traditional atmosphere of the hotel and its single, double, triple, and four-bed rooms promise you a different stay. Of course, Muzaffar Hotel has combined tradition and modernity for the well-being of its guests. It has provided them with facilities such as room service, internet, safety deposit box, and parking, in addition to taxi service, a traditional restaurant, coffee shop, and even a traditional tavern. This hotel is located on Motahari North Street and Khalaf Bagh Alley.

Zanbagh Hotel

Zanbagh Hotel, located on Enghleab Boulevard, Yazd, has 4 stars and is 16 minutes away from Yazd International Airport. Zanbagh Hotel has single, double, twin, and three-bedrooms and four-bed two-bedroom suites; It is located in a quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle, which is a great advantage for the hotel. In this four-star hotel, in addition to the complete comfort facilities inside the rooms, services such as traditional and fast food restaurants, a playground, a childcare hall, and two types of roofed and unroofed parking have been considered for visitors.

If you wish to visit Iran In the warmer seasons and Yazd is too warm for you, consider our exhilarating Damavand tour.

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