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Hotels in Tabriz

Hotels in Tabriz

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A Comprehensive Hotel Guide to Tabriz

Tabriz is the capital of East Azarbaijan province and the first capital of the Shiite world. The historical city of Tabriz is more than three thousand years old and is considered one of the most important cities in Iran. Due to the importance of this ancient city, there are many historical and valuable monuments in it that have been remembered from the centuries and dynasties of the Iranian kingdom. This matter has made many travelers travel to Tabriz every year to visit historical monuments and delight in this stunning city.

Tabriz has not only been very important in the political history of Iran but has also contributed a lot to the prosperity and growth of culture and art as a city that has held the title of capital for many years. Today, Tabriz attracts many travelers for its most interesting historical places. Traveling to Tabriz and seeing its attractions is highly recommended for everyone who wants to travel to Iran with IranAmaze. Walking in the world’s largest indoor market, visiting historical houses such as Behnam House and AmirNezam Garrousi, and visiting the Blue Mosque are must-sees in Tabriz. If you plan to travel to this historical and beautiful city in the near future, open an account on IranAmaze to book a hotel in Tabriz.

Reservation of Hotels in Tabriz

Searching and choosing the date and check-in time are the first steps to booking a Tabriz hotel. You have the possibility to compare and review hotels and accommodations in Iran based on price, facilities and services, and hospitality quality. All types of accommodation can be booked, from 5-star hotels to guest houses and cheap hotels in Tabriz. After choosing the closest option to your taste and preference, you can book a hotel in Tabriz with a reasonable price and discount from Iranamaze in a few minutes.

Tabriz Hotel Prices

As you know, the cost of accommodation and hotel prices in Tabriz depends on the season and date of your trip and reservation. The advantage of booking hotels in Tabriz from Amaze Iran is that you can book your desired room at the best and lowest price on many days of the year. By using the price filter and the biggest discount, you will see a list of Tabriz hotel rates according to your travel budget.

List of the Best Hotels in Tabriz

There is no shortage of good hotels in Tabriz and it can be difficult for you to choose. One of the best ways to choose good hotels in Tabriz is to read the comments and travel experiences of Iranamaze users and see the points they have given to the hotels. Arsi Boutique Hotel, Behboh Tabriz Hotel Apartment, Laleh Park Hotel, and Shahriar Hotel are included in this list.

Historical and sightseeing places of Tabriz

In order to reserve a hotel close to the sights of Tabriz and reduce your commuting time, you can see the address and location of each Tabriz hotel in Iran. You can stay in the center of the city and near the tomb of Al-Shaara, El Goli Park, and Tabriz Bazaar. Among other places of interest in Tabriz, we can mention Qajar Museum or Amir Nizam Grossi’s house, Blue Mosque, Tabriz Citadel, and Ostad Shahriar’s house.

Why travel to Tabriz?

Tabriz is one of the largest cities in Iran and the capital of East Azerbaijan province. Summers are known as the travel season due to long school closures, and Tabriz is also a city with a cool and pleasant climate that is perfect for traveling in the summer. Captivating beauty, famous and spectacular cleanliness, exciting civilization and history, delicious and appetizing foods, masterpiece music, and literature are just some of the reasons that prove why we should visit Tabriz at least once.

What is the best season to travel to Tabriz?

The city of Tabriz is called a city of four seasons with its touristic nature. But if we check in more detail, summer is a better season to travel in the cities of northwestern Iran. To experience the cool and pleasant weather of Tabriz, you can plan a trip to this city from mid-spring to mid-autumn. Tabriz city welcomes tourists and travelers in summer with an annual summer festival and even in winter with an annual snowman festival. If you are interested in seeing tourists and the vibrancy and bustle of the city, nowruz and summer are the right time to see this vibrancy.

Where should we go on a trip to Tabriz and what souvenirs should we buy?

Tell anyone that you are planning a trip to Tabriz, and their advice is to allow plenty of time to see the whole city and its attractions. Because Tabriz is beautiful and vast, it has historical attractions, many parks, and forests for nature tourism, shopping, commercial, and office centers. Tabriz Bazaar, which is the largest indoor market in the world, Blue Mosque, Alisha Citadel, Tabriz Grand Mosque, Azerbaijan Museum, Al-Shaara Tomb, Qajar Museum Garden, Constitutional House, Municipal Building, Rushdieh School, Parvin Itsami House, and… are places that have history and They have Tabriz civilization in their hearts. For sightseeing in the nature of Tabriz, Eel Goli Park, Kandavan Village, Arsbaran Forest, and Aun Ibn Ali Mountain Park are definitely recommended. Plan your trip to Tabriz in such a way that you can definitely eat a few meals of authentic Tabrizi food and don’t forget Tabrizi meatballs, Umaj soup, fruit soup, Dizi Sangi, and Dolma. Tabriz carpets and rugs, Tabriz leather bags and shoes, silver dishes and ornaments, nuts, Qarabia sweets, Iris, Nougat, Tabriz baklava, and Liqvan cheese are some of the most famous Tabriz souvenirs that you can get from Tabriz Grand Bazaar or Sheikh Safi Bazaar.

Where are the best hotels in Tabriz?

Depending on whether your type of stay is leisure or business, by viewing the location of hotels on the page of Tabriz city on the Iranamaze website, you can stay in a place that gives you the best access to fulfill your travel goals. El Goli Park neighborhood and its surroundings are usually very popular. If you want to spend most of your time in nature around Tabriz, you can book a hotel or accommodation in Kandavan village. If you are traveling to visit the international exhibition, it is better to stay in Marzdaran or Koye Mosalla area.

What is the price of staying in a hotel in Tabriz?

The prices of hotels and residences vary depending on the type of hotel, star, location, and facilities offered by the hotel. Tabriz, like most cities in Iran, has a wide variety of hotels and accommodations with various facilities and for various travel purposes, with prices ranging from 100,000 tomans to 2,800,000 tomans. On the reservation page of Tabriz hotels on the Iranamaze website, you can book your desired hotel in Tabriz online and easily with a variety of filters in different price ranges.

How to book hotels in Tabriz at the best price?

In Iranamaze, filters and categories have been applied on the page of hotels in Tabriz so that you can choose the price and type of accommodation according to your budget and needs. In addition, Iranamaze offers special offers on the best and best-selling hotels in Tabriz at most times of the year so that you can have an affordable stay during some busy and busy periods. It is enough to be a member of the Iranamaze newsletter or have an account on the Iranamaze website to be informed of special offers.

How to book hotels in Tabriz?

There are more than 20 hotels in Tabriz that have different prices, facilities, and locations. Fortunately, there are many 5-star hotels in Tabriz, 4-star hotels, and budget hotels. In addition, this metropolis has no shortage of apartment hotels. This variety means you don’t have to worry about finding the hotel you want. As soon as you have determined the purpose (whether for business or leisure) and the time of your trip to Tabriz, go to the page of Tabriz hotels in Iran. If price is your priority, you can take a quick look at the “starting price for one night” across all hotels. Another way is to use the price filter on the right.

The location of the residence may be more important to you. Except for the Laleh Kandovan Rock Hotel, the rest of the hotels are inside Tabriz city. But even in the case of these accommodations, measure the distance and proximity to city attractions and transportation centers. In this field, you can also get help from the address filter. In addition, Tabriz hotel apartments are a good option for those who want to stay with family. It is better to compare these types of hotels with each other and then make a reservation.

What are the ways to find a cheap hotel in Tabriz?

If your question is, which season of the year is the cheapest accommodation in Tabriz? We must say winter. Of course, winter is not the best time to travel to Tabriz. Because the temperature of the air takes a different path than the price of hotels! However, the number of affordable hotels in Tabriz is not small. Hotels that are reasonably priced for their facilities. Interestingly, some of them are even on the list of the best hotels in Tabriz; Like a four-star hotel improvement. But the good news is that there are many cheap options among hotels, apartments, and three-star hotels in Tabriz.

Therefore, it is better to determine your budget and level of expectation first. For example, if you are traveling with your family and your stay is longer; an Apartment hotel is a good option. Second, compare three-star and cheap hotels. Which one has more features? Which hotel is closest to the city’s attractions? Which hotel has the most positive opinions from travelers? Check all these and then make the final decision.

What are the important points of Tabriz’s hotel reservation?

If you are going to book a hotel in Tabriz in spring or summer, you should pay attention to two points. First, these days, Tabriz is crowded and the capacity of hotels is filled earlier. Second, the prices of hotels are higher compared to quiet days. Another important factor when booking a hotel in Tabriz is the geographical location of the hotel. We said earlier that the only Lale Kandavan hotel is outside the city and in Kandavan village. The rest of the residences are inside the city of Tabriz. For those who come to Tabriz by public transportation, the distance to transportation centers such as the airport is important.

Hotel facilities such as airport transfer or air conditioning system and free breakfast are also very important. So, take enough time to study the features of the hotel. No matter which Tabriz hotel you book, check the type of rooms and the accommodation rules. Does the hotel allow you to add a bed or not? Or even the cancellation policy of the hotel? We recommend that you check all this information in Iranamaze and then make a choice.

The Best Hotels in Tabriz

We had Iran’s first modern-style hotel in Tabriz. A hotel that was established in 1284 on the current Shariati Street (Old Shahnaz). From the point of view of foreign tourists, Tabriz is the most pleasant city in Iran with the best attractions. Therefore, it is not surprising that travelers have high expectations from the best hotels in Tabriz and demand the best hotel services.

1- Kaya Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz; the best hotel according to travelers

According to travelers, the best hotel in Tabriz is Kaya Park Hotel. It has the most suitable cost among the prices of the best hotels in Tabriz and provides good services. Kaya Lale Park Hotel not only has the largest number of rooms (220 rooms); Rather, a swimming pool with beautiful fountains and a green park have decorated the entrance of the hotel. This new hotel was established in 2016 and has 8 elevators. The design of the rooms is very warm and classic and has good lighting. The location of Laleh Park shopping center next to the hotel has provided a good location for shopping.

2- Tabriz El Goli Pars Hotel; one of the best hotels in Tabriz

In the list of the best hotels in Tabriz, the Pars El Goli Hotel may take the first place. A 5-star hotel with all facilities, which is located in the middle of a park and a tall square. If you ask, which is the best hotel in Tabriz and what facilities does it have? So, it is better to get acquainted with Pars El Goli Hotel and all its features in Eli Gesht tourism magazine. El Goli Hotel is one of the Pars hotels in Iran, which has a unique and special location in Tabriz.

The 17-story building of the hotel is located next to the park and most of its 180 rooms show you a view of the resort and El Goli lake. You can see all the features and facilities of 5-star hotels here. From swimming pool and sauna to large halls for conferences and weddings.

3- Shahriar International Hotel; with modern accommodation facilities

Are the recreational facilities in the hotel your first priority? Shahriar Tabriz International Hotel will be the first name in your list of the best hotels in Tabriz. In this 10-story hotel, there are all modern entertainment and comfort facilities. From the clean and large indoor pool to 3 saunas and jacuzzis, along with a steam room that will take away the fatigue of the trip. The restaurant with a buffet that is decorated every day will provide you with a luxurious stay and you will feel comfort and well-being in the rooms.

The conference halls of this hotel are chosen to hold the best events. At the same time, you will have easy access to the exhibition, Tabriz Grand Bazaar, and the airport. All the facilities that make Shahriar International Hotel a suitable place for business guests.

4- Esteghlal Hotel in Tabriz; located in the most historical area of ​​the city

Do you like walking in the old and expensive neighborhoods of Tabriz? Choose your room at Esteghlal Hotel Tabriz. Esteghlal Apartment Hotel is located in the old neighborhood of Sorkhab. Most of the sights of Tabriz are located around you. The historical houses of Tabriz are close to Esteghlal Hotel. Apart from these, the open and green space of the hotel and its open-air restaurant is a great and hearty place to have a meal. The satisfaction of the guests with the services provided in this 4-star hotel has been high and very good. Order the hotel’s free and varied breakfast and then go see the attractions of Tabriz city

The hotel is one of the tallest buildings in Tabriz and was built about 50 years ago, it was built by foreign engineers and today it has become one of the best hotels in Tabriz. You will have 150 rooms with excellent facilities in 4-star hotels to choose from; Do you like the top view of Tabriz from the 13th floor or the large size of the room? The features of the room and its facilities can put the name of the hotel at the top of the list of the best 4-star hotels in Tabriz. The satisfaction of guests with the facilities and services of Tabriz Hotel is very high and it has the following facilities:

Large conference hall for conferences

3 restaurants for breakfast and other meals

Clean and large swimming pool and jacuzzi

Coffee shop with a cozy and calm environment

Luxurious and modern wedding hall

5- Azadi Hotel in Tabriz; with free cinema tickets

To book the best hotels in Tabriz, if you are looking for a hotel that has excellent access to all attractions, enter Azadi Hotel. Tourists who book a room in this hotel can watch daily Iranian movies for free in the hotel cinema. BRT buses have a station near the hotel that allows access to all parts of the city. You can even get a taxi service from the hotel to the scenic village of Kandavan. In its four-story building, there are 43 rooms with different types of beds for two to four people. This three-star hotel is decorated with beautiful paintings of Iran, which is very attractive for tourists.

Azadi Hotel is right in the center of Tabriz city, there is a three-star hotel called Azadi Tabriz Hotel, which has a special effect among Tabriz hotels. This hotel is suitable for those who want to stay near the Tabriz market, in addition to enjoying a standard three-star accommodation, while traveling to Tabriz. You can drive from Azadi Hotel to this colorful bazaar within 6 minutes. To reach this hotel, you have to go to Imam Khomeini Street, between Bagh Golestan and Shariati intersections. By staying at the Azadi Hotel in Tabriz, in addition to being close to shopping centers, you can enjoy the sights such as; Alisha Citadel; Also visit the Constitutional Museum, and the Blue Mosque.

6- Tabriz International Hotel, one of the best luxury hotels in Tabriz

To travelers who enter the cold city of Tabriz, we recommend the 4-star international hotel of Tabriz. The 4-star Tabriz International Hotel has a hall and a restaurant even in the open air. It has good access to the needs of travelers and whenever you want, you can leave the hotel for walking and exploring in Tabriz. Just go out of the Tabriz International Hotel building to enter one of the most famous streets of this city. To buy Tabriz souvenirs, go to Javaher Center or Nasim Passage next to the hotel.

7- Sahand Hotel, the cheapest hotel in Tabriz

Among the best hotels in Tabriz, we have come to a top 2-star hotel. Until 2005, Sahand Hotel was called Gilan New Apartment Hotel, which changed its name after the renovation. This is one of the best hotel apartments in Tabriz. Sahand Hotel in Tabriz has been able to provide 28 different rooms in a 3-story building. Therefore, on most dates, you will find an empty room for Tabriz’s hotel reservation at Sahand Hotel. Therefore, if you are worried about the rooms being filled, act early. Because the 5-minute distance to the city center has made this Tabriz hotel popular.

8- Caspian Hotel; close to Tabriz’s key attractions

If your purpose in traveling to Tabriz is to visit the sights of Tabriz, Caspian Hotel has a good location. This 4-story hotel provides a comfortable stay by providing 20 rooms and the facilities of a three-star hotel. The staff at the reception desk are pleasant and kind and do all the work related to your reception and hospitality. Attractions such as the Tomb of Al-Shaara and the Qajar Museum are located close to you. You only have a 10-minute walk to Maqbareh al-Shaara Park

Tabriz is a destination for many tourists with its beautiful natural scenery, historical monuments, traditional foods, and good weather, especially in the summer season. Depending on the purpose of your trip to Tabriz, different hotels will welcome you, from luxury and multi-star hotels to cheap Tabriz hotels. We suggest that you read the following article before your trip and after getting the necessary information about the best hotels in Tabriz and the prices in Tabriz, choose and book the hotel you want and then go to Tabriz, the historical capital of Iran. You can use the Iranamaze search engine to book a cheap hotel all over the country.

9- Jahangordi Hotel in Tabriz; Staying in a tent around El Goli lake in Tabriz tourist hotel

How did kings and princes feel when they walked in their parks in the past? In Il Goli Park in Tabriz, you will find one of the best hotels in the city. You will definitely find the answer to this question by booking a room at Jahangardi Tabriz Hotel. Jahangordi Tabriz Hotel is located in the famous park of this city and next to El Goli lake. It is enough to open the window of your room so that the clean and pleasant air of the park enters your room. One of the attractions of this hotel is staying in nomadic tents.

Although it has 2 double suites, the idea of ​​staying overnight in seasonal tents by the pool of such a hotel has a different atmosphere. Please note that these tents are only released on cold and snowy days. All the facilities needed for accommodation and camping are placed inside these red canvas tents.

Honarble Mentions

Farid Hotel, Tabriz

Farid Tabriz Apartment Hotel is located on South Shariati St., Valman St., and next to Fajr floor parking. By staying in this apartment hotel, you can go to the shopping center and bazaar of Tabriz after a 10-minute drive (by car). The building of this residence has 7 floors and its exterior is all glass, which makes the exterior of the Farid Apartment Hotel pleasant and beautiful.

Ahrab Hotel, Tabriz

Ahrab Tabriz Hotel has three stars. By staying at this hotel, if you use a car, you will be only 5 minutes away from Tabriz Grand Bazaar. This hotel is located in Ahrab neighborhood (crossroads of Golestan and South Palestine Street). It is necessary to know that by booking a hotel online and choosing this hotel as your resort, while being close to the Tabriz market, you can also visit Golestan Garden and Alisha Citadel easily and by spending the least amount of time. The building Ahrab Hotel is simple but beautiful and is built on five floors.

Tabriz Hotel Prices

The price of Tabriz hotels varies depending on the type of accommodation and the services they provide to guests. In addition, since the weather in Tabriz is very pleasant and mild in the summer, a large number of tourists in Tabriz during this season can increase the price of hotels in Tabriz in the summer.

These accommodations include luxury hotels, hotel apartments, boutique hotels, and guesthouses. If you are looking for a different accommodation that has a more reasonable price than a hotel, we suggest Tabriz’s eco-friendly accommodation.

Expensive and first-class hotels are often located in the center and southeast of Tabriz, and cheap guesthouses are often located on Ferdowsi Street in Tabriz.

The Best Hotel in Tabriz

The best hotel in Tabriz is a hotel that will meet your needs as a guest and help you have a relaxing and memorable trip. Therefore, depending on the purpose of your trip to Tabriz, we can introduce you to different good hotels.

For example, on a business trip, you will be very pleased to stay in quiet hotels in the suburbs, which at the end of the working day will relieve your fatigue and make you feel relaxed. But if you have come to Tabriz to visit historical monuments and get to know the way of life in Tabriz city, it is better to choose hotels in the city center to stay in. In the following, we will introduce you to some of the best hotels in Tabriz, which are mostly luxury and five-star hotels, so that you can book your desired hotel more easily according to the location and facilities available in the hotels.

Given what we have said thus far, let’s take a look at the best hotels in Tabriz:

Kaya Laleh Park Hotel: One of the best and most luxurious hotels in Iran is the five-star Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz, which is located on Pasdaran Highway, Shahid Fahmideh Square. Lale Park building has 17 floors and 220 rooms. This luxury hotel, which is part of Kaya Hotel Turkey, is a good choice for people who want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Among the facilities of this hotel, we can mention the hotel spa and restaurant, and you can directly enter Laleh Park shopping center from the hotel lobby. Laleh Park shopping center has 126 stores where you can find products of the best Iranian and international brands. In this way, you can make your purchases in this center without wasting time.

Also, this hotel has a parking lot, gym, swimming pool, free traditional bath and massage, reception hall, smoking room, a special room for the disabled, ATM, coffee shop, meeting room, etc. The cost of staying in this hotel starts from 730 thousand tomans per night.

Pars El Goli Hotel: This five-star hotel is one of the best hotels in Tabriz, which is located at the end of El Goli Road, next to El Goli Park, and is far from the city center. El Goli Hotel was opened in 2001. This hotel has 17 floors and 179 accommodation units. You can book single and double rooms and suites in this hotel. The facilities of this hotel include a revolving restaurant, conference hall, wedding room, store, library, medical center, internet cafe, taxi service, swimming pool, billiard hall, etc.

Laleh Kandavan rock hotel: Laleh Kandavan hotel is located outside the city in Kandavan village. The stone rooms facing the mountain and the river are the unique feature of this five-star rock hotel. Kandavan hotel rooms are carved in the heart of the mountain; You have to climb 180 steps to reach the rooms in the heart of the mountain. You can book a variety of double rooms, regular four-bed suites, and royal suites, as well as five-bed imperial suites, depending on the number of people and your taste in this beautiful and unique hotel.

The facilities of this hotel include a restaurant, coffee shop, taxi service, room service, outdoor parking, laundry, safety deposit box, fax, luggage room, green space, meeting room, conference hall, etc.

Tabriz International Hotel: The four-star Tabriz International Hotel is located in the city center on Imam Khomeini Street and is close to the metro station. Tabriz hotel has 5 floors and 132 rooms. The accommodation units of the hotel include standard single, double and triple rooms. This hotel with history has facilities such as a restaurant and cafe, outdoor parking, taxi service, reception hall, 24-hour room service, free internet in the lobby, laundry, wake-up service, conference hall, green space, etc.

Cheap Hotels in Tabriz

Some tourists prefer to spend most of their time and budget visiting the city and tourist attractions of Tabriz and do not allocate much budget for their accommodation. For these people, finding a cheap hotel in Tabriz that has acceptable facilities is a priority. Some of the cheap hotels in Tabriz that are economical to stay in include:

Tabriz Behboud Hotel: Tabriz Behboud Hotel has 13 floors and 150 rooms and suites. This 50-year-old four-star hotel is one of the good hotels in Tabriz, with a relatively reasonable price. The extended hotel has good access to the scenic areas of Tabriz and has facilities such as breakfast, 24-hour coffee shop, sports complex, swimming pool, massage, hydrotherapy, free private parking, event hall, 3 restaurants, multi-purpose hall, etc.

Sina Tabriz Hotel: The two-star Sina Hotel is located in the city center (Imam Khomeini Street, Golestan Square) and near Tabriz’s famous places, and is one of the hotels with good access to the city. This hotel has facilities such as internet, safety deposit box, parking, refrigerator, safe deposit box, luggage room, etc.

Sahand Hotel, Tabriz: The two-star Sahand Hotel is one of the hotels that are both cheap and very close to the tourist centers of Tabriz. This hotel is located on Imam Khomeini Street and has relatively good facilities.

Aras Apartment Hotel: If you prefer an apartment hotel, the two-star Aras Apartment Hotel will be a good option. This hotel is located on Pastor Street.

Among other cheap hotels in Tabriz, where your stay will meet your needs and are not too expensive, you can choose the two-star Park Tabriz Hotel (close to Tabriz Grand Bazaar), and the two-star Ark Hotel (close to Ali Shah Citadel). And the three-star Darya Hotel (it has amenities such as a swimming pool, sauna, football hall, and free breakfast.)

If you want to settle in Tabriz and you like staying in traditional residences; You can go to Palestine Street and Bogardi Bahar Residence. Bahar residence with a clean and pleasant yard and a water pond and beautiful trees will give you a peaceful stay. If you are looking for a traditional hotel in Tabriz, Arsi Traditional Hotel is right for you. To reach this hotel, you have to go to El Goli and Koi Baharstan.

If the distance from the city of Tabriz is not important to you, there are several eco-tourist lodges in the surrounding villages of Tabriz, among these lodges are Glusang lodge in Kalibar, Haj Babai Arzil eco-tourist lodge in Warzghan, Homa Kandavan eco-tourist lodge in Kandavan village and many more.

Tabriz Hotel Reservation

The historical city of Tabriz can be one of the best tourist destinations if you choose and book your accommodation before your trip. Of course, it is important to check some things before booking a hotel in Tabriz according to your travel intentions. For example, if you are going to Tabriz for work, according to the location of the hotels, book a hotel that is close to your desired workplace and at the same time is compatible with your budget. If you are planning to travel, be aware that a hotel like Lale Kandavan Hotel will take you to the heart of nature, but you will be more than an hour away from the tourist attractions and sights of Tabriz.

What are the hotels near Tabriz bazaar?

Before introducing the hotels near the beautiful market of Tabriz; It is better to give you information about this market. Tabriz market is one of the most important covered markets in the world, which has a long history. The length of this market is one square kilometer and it is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Events such as earthquakes and fires have caused a lot of damage to this beautiful complex, but still, this beautiful complex is standing.

This market, like other traditional markets of Iran, has all the quintessential elements of a historical Grand Bazaar, which gives a tasteful atmosphere to shopping. By visiting the Tabriz market, you will actually be in the center of the city, so you can visit other places of interest in Tabriz, such as the house of Ostad Shahryar, Alisha Citadel, Golestan Garden, the House of the Constitution, the House of Saraflar, the House of Thaghale Islam, etc.

To stay near the bazaar, you will have different choices. Answers to questions like: Are you traveling alone or with your family? How much do you expect to spend in Tabriz? will leave you different choices. But either way, there are many three-star hotels and apartment hotels for guests to stay in in the Bazaar.

Lastly, if you are interested in traveling and exploring Iran check out our Iran Desert Tours​, where we explore the enchanting natural beauty of Iranian deserts.

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