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The headboard at Hoizeh hotel in Tehran

Howeyzeh Hotel in Tehran

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Howeyzeh Hotel in Tehran has been operating for nearly three decades at the intersection of Ayatollah Taleghani and Ostad Nejatollahi streets. This hotel has 13 floors and 150 accommodation units, which were last renovated in 2014.

Easy access to the Ministry of Industries and Mines, Amir Kabir University, proximity to the metro, and historical, administrative and commercial centers are among the features of this hotel. The four-star Howeyzeh hotel in Tehran is part of the Kowsar hotel complex, located on Villa Street in Tehran, and its proximity to the city center is considered one of the hotel’s advantages.

Distance Between Howeyzeh Hotel and Important and Sightseeing Locations

Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran is one of the most famous and popular four-star hotels in Tehran, which makes it easy for you to access Tehran’s famous places. If you come to Tehran for a business trip, you can reach the international exhibition from the hotel in about 20 minutes by car. Of course, Aftab International Exhibition is located 30 minutes away from the hotel.

Tehran University is located 10 minutes away from the hotel and you are 20 minutes away from the conference hall of Radio and Television. Also, the hotel is closer to Mehrabad Airport, but it is about an hour away from Imam Khomeini Airport. If you travel by train, Howeyzeh hotel is located half an hour away from Tehran railway station. The distance between Tehran’s passenger terminals and Howeyzeh hotel is about 40 minutes.

The hotel is 10 minutes away from the Grand Bazaar by car. You have 20 minutes to go to the Iranian furniture market. Howeyzeh Hotel Tehran is 8 minutes by car from Aladdin Passage. For sightseeing, the National Museum of Iran is the closest museum to the hotel, which is only 7 minutes away. To visit Golestan Palace, you are on the way for a quarter of an hour.

The garden of the Iranian Art Museum, Niavaran Palace, Cinema Museum, and Darabad Wildlife Museum is on average 25 minutes away from Howeyzeh Hotel. If you are a skier, you will reach Tochal ski resort 35 minutes from Howeyzeh hotel. Abali track and Darband are further away and it takes about an hour. The natural bridge, Masoudiye mansion, Abgineh museum are also located 10 minutes away from the hotel. You can also reach Milad Tower in 20 minutes from Howeyzeh hotel.

Exterior view of Hoizeh hotel in Tehran

Booking Information for Howeyzeh Hotel Rooms

This hotel is one of the 4-star hotels in Tehran, which is located in the city center and has a history of 25 years. The location of the hotel in the most central part of the capital makes it possible for domestic and foreign guests and travelers to easily access places such as Tehran Grand Bazaar, sightseeing, and tourism places.

As a premium hotel, this hotel includes types of royal single, double, single, and double rooms as well as family suites with a capacity of 300 beds. All these rooms are equipped with comfortable facilities and equipment so that you can have a pleasant stay with experienced and trained personnel. Just be careful that the suites and rooms of Howeyzeh hotel in Tehran do not have extra service capacity.

The important facilities of this four-star hotel in Tehran include connecting rooms, special rooms for the disabled, a restaurant and coffee shop with all kinds of food and drinks, dry and steam saunas, a jacuzzi, free internet, a hairdressing salon, and private parking. Also, with 3 conference halls nearby, rooms and suites with a capacity of 35 to 300 people, as well as a separate restaurant for holding seminars, conferences, classes, and workshops, it provides a suitable environment for managers and intellectuals of the country.

If you are planning to have fun, you can choose this hotel, which is part of the Kowsar Hotels Group, because it is located in the center of Tehran and is at the intersection of Taleghani and Nejatullahi streets. The closest sightseeing place to this hotel is Golestan Palace, you can also go to other Tehran tourist attractions such as Farsh (carpet) Museum and Milad Tower.

Hoizeh hotel room in Tehran with breakfast table on double bed

Howeyzeh Hotel Facilities in Tehran

The hotel restaurant welcomes its guests with a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes of the best quality. If you are interested in a classic atmosphere and want to see a view of the capital along with eating, go to Laleh restaurant of this hotel. The style of Laleh restaurant is Iranian and international, and with a calm and pleasant atmosphere and a varied menu of Iranian and Farangi dishes, and a varied breakfast buffet, it is ready to serve you with an experienced staff.

Also, the hotel has a 24-hour coffee shop where you can enjoy a variety of hot and cold drinks, ice cream, desserts, and cakes. Howeyzeh Hotel on Taleghani Street in Tehran has a handicraft store where you can buy and take souvenirs for your loved ones. The parking lot of the four-star hotel has a capacity of 100 cars.

Howeyzeh Hotel Restaurant in Tehran

The Laleh hotel restaurant welcomes guests with a classic design in a calm and pleasant atmosphere with a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes. The working hours of the restaurant are from six thirty in the morning to eleven at night.

You can experience a peaceful environment with an indescribable view of the capital of a country, along with a combination of traditional and international dishes at Laleh restaurant. You can at Laleh restaurant, which, according to the designers, is a representation of a classic and hearty environment; Record the best memories for yourself. You can always have a pleasant time in this restaurant for three main meals with a very high-quality food menu.

The interior of Hoizeh hotel restaurant in Tehran

Howeyzeh Hotel Coffee Shop in Tehran

One of the desirable features of Howeyzeh luxury hotel is that some places of this hotel, such as its coffee shop, are open 24 hours a day for guests. So if you are one of those people who like to enjoy different desserts or order hot and cold drinks at different times of the day and night, the coffee shop of the hotel is open 24 hours, it can be a great bonus for you during your stay. It is considered to be in the hotel.

The interior of the coffee shop of Hoizeh hotel in Tehran

Tehran Howeyzeh Hotel Conference Hall

A very ideal and unique point about Howeyzeh Hotel on Taleghani Street in Tehran is that this is not the only place for your stay; Rather, if you want to stay somewhere and hold your meetings, seminars, or conferences, you can open a special account on the halls of this hotel, which are equipped with the latest facilities. The hotel halls with the latest facilities in the world, including video projectors, screen, desktop microphones, lapel and wireless, amplifiers, etc., with different capacities, are suitable spaces for holding all kinds of meetings and gatherings.

The conference hall of Hoizeh hotel in Tehran with the latest modern facilities and tables arranged for reception

A View of the Four-Star Howeyzeh Hotel in Tehran

Four-star Howeyzeh hotel is a unique 13-story building. This hotel has 150 rooms with different capacities and you can always benefit from all the facilities of the hotel, including entertainment and convenience, in all these units. This very beautiful hotel with four golden stars can be a very pleasant place for your stay.

In terms of appearance, the hotel is a very luxurious and beautiful building; But if we want to talk about the interior of the hotel, we must say that the things you will see in this luxury hotel will be beyond your imagination. The dreamy rooms of this hotel with full ceremonies, in single and double mode, and family suites with all amenities are only a part of what you can get by staying in this hotel.

This hotel is a combination of splendor, glory, and greatness in the hotel industry. If you are looking for a dream place to stay in Greater Tehran, we suggest you the unique Howeyzeh Hotel. This hotel will be a luxury and ideal place for your stay. This very dreamy hotel, with almost half a century of experience in hospitality, is located in the heart of Tehran province and the intersection of Ayatollah Taleghani.

This hotel has been able to reach its peak of glory over many years with its unique geographical location and its unique interior which is a combination of tradition and modernity.

Room Prices of Howeyzeh Hotel

In general, hotel rooms start from the price range of 1.200 million tomans and continue up to 1.400 million tomans.

Comments About the Howeyzeh Hotel in Tehran

As you can see, everything has gone hand in hand in this hotel to provide you with a great time. You can start your day with a very delicious meal in Howeyzeh; Go to your seminar or conference; And then return to your dream room to relax. There are also entertainment centers in this hotel that you can enjoy in your free time. One of the most important things that you must read before staying in a hotel is the opinions of those who have come to this hotel before you.

By reading the opinions of others, you can make a decisive decision to stay in a hotel. In a review of the audience’s comments about the hotel, we found that this hotel was able to get a score higher than 8 out of 10 points, which is a very good rating. According to the comments, Howeyzeh Hotel provides you with an atmosphere full of peace and glory, and due to its good access to Imam Khomeini Hospital, you can safely stay there. The beautiful decoration of the hotel along with its wonderful amenities will make you enjoy every moment of your stay in this hotel.

The cleanliness of the restaurant and the quality of its food are exemplary, and you can order a variety of food, drinks, and delicious desserts from the menu of this restaurant. The coffee shop of the hotel is open 24 hours a day and is ready to serve travelers by serving a variety of Iranian and Farangi desserts and fresh drinks. The geographic location of Howeyzeh Hotel in Tehran is near the Tehran market and is one of the hotels on Valiasr main street in Tehran and close to Haft-e Tir Square, Elghelab Square, and Mosala Square in Tehran. So, be sure to visit Tehran Grand Bazaar during your trip to Tehran due to the route’s proximity.

Rules of Howeyzeh hotel in Tehran

  • Check-in time: 14
  • Check-out time: 12
  • According to the hotel rules, the cancellation will be calculated based on the first night’s price.
  • It is possible to accept single non-native women when booking Howeyzeh hotel in Tehran.
  • upon admission, it is mandatory to bring a national ID card and birth certificate for natives and only a passport for foreign travelers.
  • Children under 7 years stay for free.

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