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Haft Sang Desert

Haft Sang Desert

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One of the most popular pastimes today is going to the desert and enjoying its amazing nature. Iran is a country where all kinds of climates are easily accessible, and this has allowed us to see all kinds of natural attractions. The deserts of Iran are an example of these beautiful natural attractions and a growing part of Iran Tours. Desert wandering means drowning in its endless sky, listening to the deep silence, and touching the soft sands that seem endless. In this article, we want to introduce you to one of the most beautiful deserts in Yazd. We head to Yazd and jump in the sands of the Haf Sang (meaning Seven Stones) desert.

Where is Haft Sang Desert in Yazd?

Haft Sang Desert of Yazd is the closest desert to Yazd Province. On the way to reach this desert, there are several camps, and we will introduce one of them in the following. Haft Sang desert of Yazd is located in the northeast of the province. To reach the desert, you must enter Nasr Boulevard. This boulevard is located in the square of the Quran Gate.

Tourist Attractions of Haft Sang Desert of Yazd

The attractions of the desert and its beauties have a lot to say. If you have never experienced going to the desert, we are going to paint a very clear and beautiful picture for you to pack your bags right now and travel to Yazd. Let’s start with Yazd. This city, which is located in the center of Iran, is a city with traditional textures that have preserved the originality of the past. The city’s climate is hot and dry in summer and cold and humid in winter. Due to these climatic features, there are many deserts around Yazd, one of which is the Haft Sang desert of Yazd.

It may seem that the desert is nothing but sand dunes, But it must be said that this is the nature that makes you think. When you go to the desert, you will see the sky bigger and clearer than ever. Desert nights are perfect for stargazing and watching the beautiful moon shine like a silver pearl over your head. No matter how much you entertain yourself in the desert during the day with activities such as camel riding, at night you will have no choice but to lie down under this vast sky. The desert sky becomes so starry at night that you have never seen such a scene in your life. Desert days are attractive in another way. You find yourself facing a vast expanse of seemingly endless hills. There is no sound or movement anywhere and only a cool breeze that comes with you; Of course, to go to the desert, you will definitely need a guide and you will not be too alone.

Tourism Facilities of Haft Sang Desert of Yazd

On the way to Haft Sang Desert, several camps provide accommodation and recreational facilities. When you decide to go to Haft Sang Desert in Yazd, do not worry about your place of residence; Because you can easily rent a suite in one of these camps. Grocery and health stores can also be found near these camps. In short, your needs will be met painlessly in these places and you should not have any particular worries. Each of these camps also offers a variety of recreational facilities. It is useless to go to the desert without its own entertainment and guidance that can acquaint you with its wonders.

Haft Sang’s Desert Camp in Yazd

One of the camps on the desert route is Haft Sang Desert Camp in Yazd. This camp is also known as Haft Sang Nature and Hiking Park. This camp was opened in Yazd in 2017 and is the first desert camp dedicated to desert tourism in Yazd. There are also 20 suites and dormitories for accommodation in this camp. We said that desert wandering is not possible without fun and guidance. This camp also provides these facilities for you. In addition to accommodation and welfare facilities, Haft Sang Desert Camp in Yazd has also provided recreational facilities and exciting games for you. In short, if you are looking for a painless and exciting desert tour, you should visit this camp.

Facilities of Haft Sang Desert Camp in Yazd

  • Suites;
  • A Restaurant with local cuisine;
  • A Coffee Shop;
  • Entertainment facilities;
  • Sky monitoring facilities.

Recreational Activities in Haft Sang Desert Camp in Yazd

  • Camel Riding;
  • Ziplining (the largest desert zipline in the country);
  • Paragliding;
  • Four-wheel motor;
  • Star observation;
  • Safari;
  • Beach Volleyball.

The Best Time to Visit Haft Sang Desert Camp in Yazd

Yazd, which is located in the center of Iran, has a hot and dry climate in summer. Desert nature also creates hot and scorching days in summer. In the warm seasons of the year, the sun feels hotter than ever in the desert and makes it impossible for you to enjoy the fun in the desert during the day and enjoy its nature. Despite all this, desert nights are cool and pleasant in summer. On the other hand, in the cold seasons of the year, desert days are cooler than ever and you can explore the desert during the day with ease. Spend the autumn and winter nights in the desert under a warm and soft blanket and watch a starry sky by the blazing fire. Considering all these points, we suggest that autumn or early spring is a generally suitable time to go to the Haft Sang desert of Yazd.

Essential Tips and Tools to Visit Haft Sang Desert in Yazd

In addition to being magical, the nature of the desert also has its own tricks. If you go to this desert alone, you are likely to get lost in this vast area and similar hills. The first important point in Iran Desert Tours​ is to have a proper guide and trust in a professional tourist tour. Once you are comfortable with the guide, it’s time for the tools you need to bring with you. First of all, you need to have the right shoes for walking in the sand. If you plan to stay in the desert, you should also bring sleeping bags and suitable tents. Warm clothes and blankets are also needed for cold desert nights. It all depends on where you plan to stay and how much they provide for the group you are traveling with.

Access routes to Haft Sang Desert Camp in Yazd

Haft Sang desert camp in Yazd is located 12 km away from Yazd city. To reach this camp, you must first go to the Quran Gate. One of the boulevards around the gate of the Quran Gate is Nasr Boulevard. When you enter this boulevard, you will walk 5 km on an asphalt road. After this 5 km, the rest of the route is a 7 km long dirt road; So make sure your car tires are healthy or drive on dirt roads with the right cars. After this 12 km, the Haft Sang desert camp in Yazd is on the left side of the road.

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