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Bagh Shaker residence

Shaker Garden-House Ecolodge

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Shaker Garden-House

The Shaker Garden House Complex or rather Khanebagh-e Shaker, as the natives refer to it, is one of the most beautiful cultural-historical locations in the Iran Tours of Aran o Bidgol city, which was designed and built in the early Qajar period under the principles of the traditional architecture of desert areas, on a land with an area of ​​approximately 8000 square meters and with a trapezoidal geometric shape.

This complex consists of spatial elements such as the garden, the mansion, and the tower and rampart, located on the northern front of the complex, and on the southern front, the Badgir (windcatcher) mansion. It should also be mentioned that on the 20th of March 2016 historical complex was registered in the list of national monuments under number 31450. The Ecolodge covers an area of ​​about 8000 square meters, following traditional desert architectural principles, of the Qajar period style. The tower on the north side of the garden is said to be 300 years old.


This Ecolodge is situated in the Aran o Bidgol County named after the city of the same name. This region was formerly divided into two different and independent communities known as “Aran” and “Bidgol.” Each hamlet has its own customs, social interactions, and dialect. It was along the Silk Road, and numerous caravans passed through it as they traveled from Europe to East Asia. The wall of separation fell in the 80s, bringing these two little villages together.

One of the region’s most prominent attractions is the Aran va Bidgol Salt Lake. The choice of this lake’s name is of course due to the lake’s saltiness, which causes salt particles to drift within the lake in the summer. 85 kilometers long and 35 kilometers wide, the lake is the result of structural subsidence that happened at 795 meters above ocean level. The Aran-Bidgol salt lake covers a range of ​​about 3000 square kilometers.

About the Shaker Garden-House

Shaker Garden-House Ecolodge is the second ecotourism residence licensed by the cultural heritage organization in Aran o Bidgol city and it is the first ecotourism residence in the Isfahan province that has civil liability insurance. Furthermore, this eco-lodge can be a particularly great choice if you’re traveling to this area as a part of Iran Desert Tours​.

This residence, which is located 5 kilometers north of Aran o Bidgol city and in the Hossein Abad plain, currently has 8 rooms with the capacity to accommodate 40 people, and in the further development phase of this residence, there will be another 30 rooms, a restaurant, a traditional dining room, a meeting hall, and a parking lot. Additionally, there will be an exhibition for handicrafts, taxidermy, and camping products.

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