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Mesr Desert Tours and Travel Guide

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Introducing the Mesr Desert in Isfahan

The Mesr desert is one of the sights of Mesr in Isfahan province and is one of the most beautiful natural features of Iran and one of the most popular destinations for nature lovers and desert hikers. This beautiful desert is surrounded by mountain ranges from the west, southwest, and southeast, which is part of the mountain range of the Central Plateau of Iran. The Mesr desert In natural pits at the foot of the mountain, beautiful sand dunes has been targeted for tourism and desert climbing. In recent years, especially in the days of tourism, people from Mesr have become more involved in accommodation and travel services for tourists. The fame of the Mesr desert has also changed their lives, But before that, they were mostly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, and in addition to planting saffron and wheat, they were also engaged in camel breeding.

About 100 years ago, the founder of the Mesr village was a man named Yusuf, a shepherd and a shepherd of sheep. The life of this village may not be more than a century, But everyone knew it as Yusuf’s Farm until the village aqueducts dried up and forced Yusuf to dig wells with English diesel engines. A few years after the well was exploited, the aquifers went down again until Joseph dug a deeper well in the Mesr desert; For this reason, the residents of the neighboring villages called this village “Chah-e Deraz”.

Since Yusuf did not like this name, he asked the people to call the name of this village Mesr, because his name was Yusuf, and the story of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) also happened in the land of Mesr. The villagers, who had a lot of respect for Yusuf, followed suit.

Where is the Mesr Desert?

The desert of Mesr is located near a village of the same name, 55 km from the estuary, in the middle of the road from Damghan to Nain and Isfahan. Village houses are built at the height of simplicity and just like houses in other desert areas of Iran; Occasional walls, domed roofs, and wooden doors, each in harmony with the nature of the desert. Next to each house is a small barn where residents keep turkeys, goats, and sometimes camels.

Distance from Tehran to Mesr Desert

The distance from the Mesr desert to Tehran is 642 km. On the way from Tehran to the desert of Mesr, you have about 9 to 10 hours of driving ahead, which starts from Imam Reza Highway, and you have to go to Semnan and Damghan. From Damghan, you will go to Moallem and Jandagh to finally reach the Mesr village by dirt roads. If you have a long chassis car, you can use the Semnan Moallem dirt road, which is shorter.

Distance from Isfahan to the Mesr Desert

The distance between Isfahan and Mesr village (Mesr desert) is 421 km, and it takes about five hours by car to travel this route.

Access route: If you are going to the desert of Mesr from Isfahan, you must first go to Nain and then to Jandagh village. About 42 km from Jandagh is the desert of Mesr.

If you go to this region from other cities, you should know that the distance between the Mesr desert to Mashhad is 748 km, the distance from Sari to the Mesr desert is 575 km, and the distance from Tabas to the Mesr desert is 247 km, the distance from Kashan to the Mesr desert is 616 km and the distance from Mesr to Isfahan It is 536 km.

Traveling to the Mesr Desert by Car

To travel to the desert of Mesr by car, in addition to experience, you must have a well-equipped car and suitable camping equipment in the desert. Car tires should be suitable so that you do not get punctured; The fuel tank should be full, and the spare tires and the four main tires of the car should be adjusted. Getting enough water is also a must on this trip. Because carburetor cars boil quickly, Restrict travel with them.

The desert is beautiful, But it can also be just as violent and cruel. Flowing sand dunes, the danger of snake and scorpion bites, daytime vision error, excessive thirst, getting lost, etc., are just some of the dangers of personal and solo travel to the desert. Therefore, for those who are going on such a trip for the first time, it is better to use the Mesr desert Tour, which includes professional leaders, eco-tourism resorts, sightseeing attractions, and so on.

The Best Time to Travel to the Mesr Desert

The desert of Mesr has a hot and dry climate, so in the hot seasons of the year, very hot weather prevails in the region, and with the arrival of the cold seasons, the climate moderates. The air is generally hot during the day due to the fierce sunlight; as the air gets darker, the temperature decreases and the air cools down.

However, the best time to visit the desert of Mesr can be considered from November to mid-May; However, watching the beauty, pristine nature, and the starry sky of the Mesr desert has made it receptive to nature lovers all year round.

Mesr Desert Resorts

Most people who visit the heart of the desert do not miss the desert nights and camping in its beautiful nature. However, if you are not thinking of camping in the desert, you can use the Mesr desert resorts, which range from traditional eco-lodges to desert hotels. Most of the desert resorts of Mesr are native houses with completely traditional desert architecture that bring the sweet feeling of life in the desert to the guests. Among the hotels and accommodations in the Mesr desert, we can mention the Bali Desert Hotel, the traditional Teeda House, Jandagh Castle, Bayazah Hotel, and many more.

Bali Desert Hotel

The Bali Desert Hotel is a mid-range three-star hotel in Khor city, located in Isfahan province. The hotel has 40 units, and its most important facilities include free parking, internet, room service, billiards room, handball, and hourly housekeeping services. The hotel units are equipped with a TV, refrigerator, minibar, and bathroom. The restaurant also has a coffee shop, a traditional tea house, and an Iranian restaurant. The hotel is 435 km to the city of Isfahan, 55.3 km to the desert of Mesr, 47 km to the Rig Koleh desert, 54.4 to the spectacular village of Bayazeh

Traditional Teeda Hotel

Teeda Hotel, located in the village of Mesr, was constructed in 2014, and since then, it has been considered an ideal destination for those interested in desert and adventure travel. Teeda Hotel is a traditional hotel whose interior is designed based on authentic Iranian architecture. For example, the straw-made walls, arches of the walls and ceilings design, and the royal space are all signs of traditional design in the hotel. Teeda Hotel has 14 accommodation units and a total of 48 beds in which the guests of the Mesr desert can spend memorable nights in its rooms. Breakfast is served free of charge to users, and those interested in healthy and organic food can enjoy a variety of traditional and Iranian dishes in the restaurant of Teeda Hotel.

Maziar House Ecotourism Resort (Atashoni Ecotourism Resort)

Maziar House Ecotourism Resort, also known as the Maziar Al-e Davood House and Atashoni Ecotourism Resort, is a mid-range three-star hotel in Garmeh, Iran. The hotel has 12 rooms and its most important facilities include a coffee shop, internet, and restaurant. The rooms and courtyard of the residence have traditional architecture and are beautifully decorated with local elements. In this residence, you can enjoy the taste of delicious local food. Maziar’s house to the desert of Mesr 85.2 km, to the ancient village of Farrokhi 50.7.

Mesr Desert Entertainment

Iran desert tours have many activities that allow visitors to have a fun and exhilarating time that can complement your time in the naturally introspective environment of the desert.

Camel riding is one of the fascinating pastimes in the Mesr desert. Camel riding is one of the most attractive pastimes in the Mesr desert, where tourists can ride camels in certain areas of the Mesr desert and near the village. Today, camel riding has become an integral part of the Mesr desert tour, where each person has to pay about 20,000 tomans.

Four-wheeled motorcycles allow tourists to drive in the heart of the desert and experience the passage of sand dunes. For about 10 minutes of motorcycling, you have to pay between 15 and 20 thousand tomans.

Renting off-road vehicles also has its own excitement with which you can walk in the desert and perform dramatic movements. Undoubtedly, speed and excitement in this pristine nature will create pure moments for you. The cost of a safari in the Mesr desert is 35,000 tomans per person.

Sandboarding is also an exciting sport that raises your blood adrenaline, So it is enough to have a board with you to have an indescribable experience.

Photography of the nature of the Mesr desert is another fascinating pastime that captures your memories forever and makes you see your surroundings and their beauty more carefully and appreciate it.

Mesr Desert Animals

Various species of animals such as cats, sand foxes, saw-scaled vipers, rabbits, corals, Kangaroo rats, birds of prey such as hawks, many reptiles, tarantulas, and scorpions are among the Mesr desert animals.

One Famous small, yet, noteworthy member of the Mesr animal kingdom is a hopping kangaroo-like rodent called the Jerboa. Amazingly, these tiny rodents can survive in arid climates and unforgiving environments. The tails of these rodents which are much longer than the rest of their bodies are used to jump around while supporting their balance. They are regarded as solitary animals, and their typical diet consists of insects, seeds, and plants. Despite their tiny size, Jerboas can go above 14 miles per hour (22 km per hour) when being chased.

Another famous animal of the Mesr desert is a species of fish famous for its reputation of granting amazing skin renewal for their visitors every year. This fish, known scientifically as Garra Rufa or Red Garra, is popularly known as Doctor Fish or Nibble Fish. Today these Nibble Fish have become one of the popular habitats of these lakes close to the Mesr Desert for nibbling dead skin on people’s bodies and especially feet. One place where this fish is found is the village of Garmeh, close to the Mesr desert, which has several other tourist attractions.

Essential Supplies for Traveling to the Mesr Desert

Despite their unique beauty, all desert areas have a harsh and dangerous nature; Therefore, having complete equipment and a familiar guide to the region is a requirement for traveling to the desert.

Suitable for desert walks: Basically, for nature walks, you should wear clothes that are comfortable when hiking and mountaineering and, in addition to being resistant to water, wind, and soil, have a color that suits nature. In addition, wearing pants and a long-sleeved shirt will prevent sunburn. The appropriate clothing of the Mesr desert can be considered linen clothing that helps to cool the body.

Thermos: To travel to the desert, you need a lot of water; Because if you get lost, you will often not find any springs or rivers.

Tent: Due to the beautiful and starry nights of the desert, you will need tents and camping equipment to spend the night in the heart of the desert.

Warm cloth/cover

Thin blanket

Small pillow



(Desert) Hats/caps

Pocket Powerbank

Boots suitable for hiking in the desert,

Insect repellent ointment or bracelet,

First aid box

Necessary tools for locating in the desert (map, GPS, and compass) and … are the essential tools for traveling to the Mesr desert.

Also, have a mirror with you so that if you get lost, you can inform others of your whereabouts with the help of the reflection of sunlight.

Tip: Avoid wearing jeans and beautiful clothes, sandals, sneakers, slippers, etc., as well as removing valuable jewelry and accessories.

Sights Around the Village of Mesr

Sand dunes are the main and most beautiful attraction of the Mesr desert. Existence of deep water wells, greenery of the desert area and cultivation of teak trees, etc. to prevent the movement of quicksands, a boulevard about 50 meters wide inside the village, existence of desert houses and their reconstruction for tourist accommodation, motorcycling and camel riding in the Mesr desert and Most importantly, the vast and lush reedbeds within five kilometers of the Mesr village and the surrounding sand dunes are among the factors that have made the Mesr desert tour of Tehran and other cities flourish.

The desert sky is so close to you that you feel that if you reach out, you can pick a star out of it. This dazzling sky is not only the favorite of the naked eye; Because astronomers can also watch the stars in the Mesr village in all seasons without any obstacles.

The sands are the main attraction of the Mesr desert. Stacks of quicksand run down the walls of rural homes. Watching the vastness of the yellow sands in the Mesr desert will be a memorable experience for you.

Other places of interest in this area include Namak Khor Lake and Kavir Dagh, located 50 km from Tabas Khor Road, Garmeh Village, Mohammadabad Koreh Gaz Village, Arousan Village, Farahzad Village, Bidestan Arusan Caravan Pass Road, Ebrahim Zahra Offroad Road, Rig Koleh; He mentioned Chal Selkenun, the Mesr reeds, the Selkenun salt lake, the Abbasid throne, the bride’s throne, and the sand dunes around the village.

Bayazeh Village and Castle

Bayazeh village is located in the desert part of Isfahan, 50 km southeast of Khor, and consists of groves and historical monuments. Interestingly, Nasser Khosrow’s travelogue mentions the historical castle of Bayazah with more than a thousand years old, and the architecture of Sassanid era buildings. In addition to visiting the castle, walking in the towering groves can also be fun. The hotel of Bayazeh village, which is located at the height of the desert, captivates every domestic and foreign tourist thanks to its beautiful view, fountain, and rooms.

Takht-e Arous

Takht-e Arous (The Bridal bed) is one of the most beautiful desert areas of Iran. From this place, you can see the sand dunes, Chal Selkenun, Mesr village, Takht-e-Shor, and the swamps of the central desert and Damghan mountains if the weather is favorable.

The eastern and semi-northern walls have become stepped due to erosion and have created an amazing view. Due to the strong winds, many pebbles are on the top of the bed. Desert people called beautiful areas brides, and the beautiful view above the throne was the reason for naming this area the bridal bed.

Mesr Desert Salt Lake

Selkenun Salt Lake is located northeast of the village of Mesr, and its water is supplied from agricultural effluents. In 1976, a flood occurred in the region of Mesr, which resulted in the formation of a large lake at this point, and for this reason, it was called “the current flood”; However, over time, it changed to Selkenun.

Salt Lake is also the largest seasonal salt lake in Iran and one of the largest sources of potash extraction in the world, with an area of ​​2000 km. The lake is covered with pentagonal forms of salt, which due to the large difference between day and night temperatures and the breaking of the surface salt layer, moisture comes out of the underlying layers, and these salt polygons are formed.

Common questions

Where is the Mesr Desert?

The desert of Mesr is located near a village of the same name, 55 km from the estuary, in the middle of the road from Damghan to Nain and Isfahan.

What is the Distance Between the Mesr desert and Tehran?

The distance from the Mesr desert to Tehran is 642 km. On the way from Tehran to the desert of Mesr, you have about 9 to 10 hours of driving ahead, which starts from Imam Reza Highway, and you have to go to Semnan and Damghan. From Damghan, you will go to Moallem and Jandagh to finally reach the Mesr village by dirt roads.

What is the Best Time to Visit the Mesr desert?

The best time to visit the desert of Mesr can be considered from November to mid-May. However, watching the beauty, pristine nature, and the starry sky of the Mesr desert has made it a hotspot (no pun intended) for nature lovers all year round.

Does the Mesr Desert have Accomediation?

Among the hotels and accommodations in the Mesr desert, we can mention the Bali Desert Hotel, the traditional Teeda House, Jandagh Castle, Bayazah Hotel, and many more. See the text of the article for more detailed information on these topics. If you want to know more about fascinating locations in Iran or how you can book an Iran tour, contact IranAmaze.

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