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Do Iranians Eat Pork?

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The Persian Emperor, 2500 years of history and glory! It is worth visiting alongside many other famous Iran destinations you have heard of. But, they are located in an Islamic country. Iran is not only known as Islamic but also notorious as a radical and fundamental place. Is it easy to spend your vacation in such a destination?


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Is it worrying to visit Iran?

Talking about Iran, many think that locals live a Bedouin way of living. Women are imprisoned, violent guardians hit people, foreigners are not embraced, and in the case of visiting Iran, they have to pass difficult days… But, we can only say “C’mon dude! Where on the earth have these come from?” Iran is a developing country. The tourism facilities and infrastructures here are as standard as European countries. Iran luxury tours, budget tours, and tailor-made ones are available for all levels of budgets and tastes.

Is it worrying to visit Iran?

Wandering around, talking to the locals, and even going to their houses are common for foreign travelers. Many travelers to Iran make a close friendship with Iranians. They are not prohibited from visiting anywhere except high-security places – like any other country. Iran visitors’ safety is guaranteed both officially and by the people. So, for the first step, there is nothing to worry about traveling to Iran.

How Should I Dress in Iran?

Iran’s dress code is something tourists should consider in public. Since it is an Islamic country, wearing a hijab is mandatory for women. But it doesn’t mean a strict way of clothing. Most women choose to wear their hijab loose. Covering the hair, and putting on long-sleeved tunics and long trousers or skirts are the most common styles. There is no ban on wearing colorful clothes. Makeup and tattoos are not forbidden. Many Iranian girls and women are now stylish at their work or on the street. So, reviewing their pictures on the net will give you great ideas of what to wear for your trip to Iran. Also, men should avoid shirts with no sleeves as well as shorts in public places. However, you are free to wear anything you would like indoors or in a private atmosphere.

To read more details about the regulations in Iran you can read this article: Iran Dress Code

Are Pork Meat and Alcohol Restricted in Iran?

In Islamic jurisprudence, the concepts of Halal and Haram are deeply rooted, serving as guiding principles for permissible and forbidden actions. The term “Haram” encompasses activities, substances, or practices that are strictly prohibited within the Islamic faith, including those deemed unsuitable for consumption or use. Conversely, “Halal” denotes actions or substances that are considered lawful and permissible under Islamic law. This distinction between Halal and Haram is paramount in shaping societal norms and behaviors within Islamic communities. Among the unequivocal prohibitions in Islam are the consumption of alcohol and pork. These two substances are categorically deemed Haram, and their use or consumption is strictly forbidden according to religious teachings. Consequently, in adherence to Islamic laws, Iran maintains stringent regulations regarding the serving and importation of alcoholic beverages and pork products. Such items are not only prohibited for sale but also for consumption in public spaces.

However, recognizing the diverse preferences and dietary needs of its population, Iran offers alternatives to meet the demand for non-alcoholic beverages. Non-alcoholic beers, for instance, are readily available in local markets, catering to individuals who seek alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. Additionally, to provide substitutes for pork, processed meats derived from Halal sources such as sheep, cows, or chickens are widely accessible and enjoyed by Iranians.

Moreover, Iran boasts a rich culinary tradition with a plethora of delicious dishes made from cow, sheep, goat, and chicken meat. These meats form the foundation of numerous savory and aromatic dishes that showcase the diverse flavors and culinary techniques of Iranian cuisine. From succulent kebabs to hearty stews and flavorful rice dishes, Iranian cuisine offers a tantalizing array of options for meat lovers to explore and enjoy.

Which Activities Are Off-Limits in Iran?

Iranian people are among the most friendly ones in the world. They highly respect their guests. It is a moral attitude in Iranian hospitality regardless of who the guest is. Instead, naturally, they expect their guest to behave in their customs. For example, it is not common to shake hands with or hug a person from the opposite gender in public. Unless they are a close member of the family or a friend. Burping or sniffing in front of others is considered impolite. If you are going to visit an Iranian family at their home, ask them whether you are allowed to enter the house with shoes on. And, the last point, you can always count on all Iranians in case of any problem.

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