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Loot Star Eco Camp

Setareh Kavir Eco Resort

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Setare Kavir eco-residence is located in Isfahan province, Kashan County, Abuzeydabad District, Kaghazi village, at the end of Imam Hasan Mojtaba street. This native house was built in 2017 and started to operate under the name of Setareh Kavir eco-tourism resort. This Eco resort is one of the accommodations of our Iran tours packages. But most importantly the Eco resort is located on the edge of the Abuzeyabad desert.

The Abuzeyabad desert is a barren wasteland of sand, rocks, and other types of earth. It is also a place of natural beauty. Like most others this desert, is an inhospitable landscape that takes a certain type of person to appreciate. If you are looking for an adventure, trekking into the desert can be an exciting way to get away from it all. One of the best ways to experience the desert is with a trek. This is a great way to get away from the crowds that flock to the well-known attractions in the region. It takes patience, persistence, and sometimes luck to find beauty in the desert. Flowering cacti and other plants are just as common as sand dunes.

About the Residence

The native house of Setareh Kavir includes seven rooms, six rooms for six people, and one room for 15 people with floor service, which has the capacity to accommodate and accept 50 tourists. All the rooms do not have their own bathroom, so dear guests must use the bathroom (four Iranian toilets and two foreign toilets) and three bathrooms inside the premises.

Desert climbing, camel riding, horse riding, motorcycle riding, off-roading in the desert, and live performance of local music and dance (at the cost of the passenger) are special programs that this eco-tourism has prepared for its guests and also dear tourists for leisure and relaxation. They can use the traditional wooden beds inside the green and open courtyard of the residence.

Facilities and Services Provided

Among the facilities and services that Setareh Kavir Eco-Residence provides for the well-being of travelers is an open parking lot, English-speaking staff to guide non-Iranian guests, and a local guide for tourists a shared kitchen with all the necessary equipment and supplies. Heating and cooling systems (gas heater, water cooler).

It should be noted that dear guests, if they wish, with prior coordination with the staff of the complex, they can order and enjoy a variety of local and traditional dishes of the residence, such as curd and eggplant, boiled cabbage broth, rice dumplings, etc.

Geographical Location

The beautiful desert village of Kaghazi is located 30 km east of Kashan and 1 km from Abuzeydabad. In terms of weather, the early spring and autumn seasons are the best time to travel to this region. The ecoresort is also in close proximity to our 3-Day Varzaneh Desert & Isfahan Tour.

Tourist Attractions

Due to its proximity to the vast and spectacular desert of Abuzeydabad, Kaghazi village always attracts the attention of desert lovers and many domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to the pristine desert of Abuzeydabad, the Safavid Reservoir and Caravanserai, the Shah Abbasi Caravanserai of Abu Zeid Abad, the Korshahi Castle, the Noushabad Underground City, the beautiful landscape and city of Qamsar, the historical village of Abyaneh and the Niasar Cave in Kashan are other historical and scenic attractions of this region.

The Abuzeydabad Desert is one of the most important desert biodiversity hotspots in all of Iran and has always been a special place for tourists. Historically it has been a major trade route and has been home to many different cultures, including the ancient Persians. The most significant historic site is the remains of a village that has been dated to the late 3rd millennium BC, which were found during archaeological surveys in 1994.

If you are interested in the deserts of Iran check out our 7-Day Dasht-E Kavir (Mesr) Desert Tour, where we explore one of the most popular deserts in Iran.

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