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Desert residences

Desert Accommodation in Iran

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Traveling to the desert has a different mood. It is different from any other trip. The peace that anyone gets in the heart of the desert stays with him for a long time. Walking barefoot on sand reduces stress. Watching the stars in the desert at night makes people forget time. You can experience seeing sand dunes as far as the eye can see, ride camels, safari on dunes, and other desert activities through Iran desert tours. Autumn is the most suitable season for travel as during the day, the weather is not so hot that you get heatstroke, and the nights are not so cold that you cannot make it to the morning. In order to experience a better trip, book desert accommodation. Because despite all the beauty of the desert, the night.

Other than desert activities another pleasure you can now have is access to a warm and soft place to sleep in the desert at midnight cold. There are curently many stunning traditional residences with convenient amenities have been built in the deserts of Iran, and by booking them, your trip will have a different atmosphere. Because these hotels and residences are built so beautifully that they are tourist attractions. The hospitality of the staff, the traditional and beautiful desert architecture of these buildings, the delicious taste of local food, and hours of pleasant conversation under the warm quilt of the chair have a different quality. More importantly, you won’t have to worry about the bathroom on desert trips.

If you are not a desert traveler and you are planning to travel to it for the first time, research the desert travel tips and get a new experience by preparing the travel essentials. In the following, we will introduce you to some beautiful desert residences.

1- Bali Desert Hotel, Isfahan

A very beautiful, traditional, and clean hotel with straw walls and rooms with soft cotton beds and warm velvet quilts located in the central desert of Iran. Despite its simplicity, this three-star hotel has good amenities.

This hotel was established in 1988. It has two floors and 32 rooms that are built according to hotel standards. Some of these rooms have beds, and some others are arranged in a traditional style, and there are no more beds, tables, and chairs. The rooms of the second series, which are traditional, are more liked by travelers. Because people can experience a space different from their place of residence. This hotel has double, triple, and quadruple rooms and 80-meter suites. Breakfast is included in the room service. Inside the rooms, there are toilets, bathrooms, TVs, and heating and cooling systems. It also has a taxi service and midday patrol. There is a restaurant and a coffee shop on the ground floor of the Bali Hotel.

The purpose of establishing this hotel is to attract foreign and domestic tourists who are interested in desert trekking. Of course, this hotel has another part that is not arranged in a traditional way. The building of this hotel is based on desert architecture, which attracts those who are interested in this style of architecture. The hotel is 55 km away from the Mesr desert. Its location is interesting because it is in the heart of the desert. Other tourist attractions around this hotel include playa canals, its own salt lake, and Garme lagoon and grove. In addition, it is also possible to enjoy other desert activities such as camel riding, safari, and ATV riding.

This hotel also has billiards and hand football gyms. Internet access is possible in the hotel lobby. There is also a space to sit outside the hotel, which is traditional and very pleasant. Of course, it should be noted that Iranian toilets are located in the hotel lobby. This hotel is equipped with a parking lot with a capacity of 20 cars.

The address of the Khur Hotel is Fatemi Square. To access the map of Bali Khur va Biabanak hotels, just click on the blue part.

2- Setare-e Plond Ecotourism Hostel

Polond is a very beautiful nomadic village in Ferdows city, from which the name of Star Polond Ferdows eco-tourism resort is derived. Polond desert is also called cheetah tail desert because the sand dunes there are shaped like a cheetah’s tail. A little beyond the sand dunes, and the salt flats of this desert, there are towering mountains that add to the attractiveness of this tourist area.

Other activities that can be used include camel riding, four-wheel motor, zip line, and beach volleyball. Poland has the largest zip line in eastern Iran and its length reaches 300 meters. If you are not familiar with zip lines, you should know that it is healthy and attractive family fun. You can cross the distance between two valleys through a pulley attached to a tow line. People of all ages can experience this exciting pastime.

The delicious taste of local cuisine is also very famous. This eco-resort with a capacity of 35 passengers has 6 rooms where 4 to 6 people can relax. The rooms are arranged in a traditional and rustic style and there are no beds in them. Breakfast is free. Of course, it is also possible to book a full board. To induce a nostalgic feeling, the French and Iranian toilets and the bathroom are located outside the rooms and are shared. There is a heating system and TV in the rooms. This three-star hotel also has a parking lot. There is also a public kitchen in the courtyard, which also has a refrigerator. Travelers or tour guides can cook if they wish. By staying in this hotel, you can experience a simple and clean life for a few days. Maybe it’s better to turn off your phones and challenge yourself in this lifestyle.

For the well-being of foreign tourists, the staff is fluent in English. Its exact address is South Khorasan – Kilometer 60 of Ferdous axis towards Kajeh village – Polond desert.

3- Teeda Traditional Hotel in the Mesr Desert

Winter is the best season to travel to the Mesr desert. Because the air temperature in this season is very balanced and pleasant and there is no more of the exhausting heat of the desert. During the day, you can easily walk in the peace and quiet of the desert with light clothes or at most one extra dress, in the evening you can watch the stunning view created by the sun, and at night in the peace of the desert with fire and potatoes. A fire burned away the fatigue of busy days.

As the night goes by, it gets colder, but you can still spend the night with friends in the long desert nights. One of the most popular facilities for travelers is the traditional porch of Teeda Hotel, where there is a heated seat. A cozy and warm place where you can spend happy hours with your loved ones in the morning and enjoy tasting the traditional and delicious food of the hotel. Lakholi broth of Teeda Hotel is very famous. Remember to taste it.

This hotel, which has been operating since 1992, has 30 accommodation units. All are on the ground floor and some rooms surround the courtyard. There is a window in every room that opens to the courtyard. It is up to you to choose a traditional room or a room with a bed. In this hotel, a VIP suite with a private courtyard is also offered, including two double rooms connected by a door. This suite is a suitable option for two or three families traveling together. Upon request, additional service is also provided in the form of a mattress, and facilities such as a closet, bathroom, heater, refrigerator, tea maker, and hair dryer are available.

Other facilities offered by the hotel include serving organic food, benefiting from sanitary and safe water, and being located on the sand bed of the Mesr desert, which allows travelers to observe the stars with the naked eye. This hotel also has a reception hall and a coffee shop serving a variety of teas and herbal teas. There are sand dunes in front of the hotel where you can enjoy other desert activities such as camel riding, car riding, and motorcycle riding. Click on the blue part to make a reservation at the traditional Teeda Desert Hotel in Mesr.

4- Kashkilo Eco-tourism Residence in Shahdad Kerman

If you are a desert traveler, you know Shahdad very well. A desert full of mystery and wonder, which is known as one of the heat poles of this planet. Shahdad Kaluts are earthen structures with beautiful shapes that can be seen all over the desert and are a reminder of a city that has not been inhabited for years. Maybe that is why it is called the city of fairies.

There is also a hot spring near Kerman called Sirk hot spring, which has healing properties due to the minerals in it. People who have joint or skin problems go to this spring for treatment, which of course is organized and receives a large number of visitors daily.

In the Shahdad desert, you can see the highest sand pyramids in the world. The tallest desert Nabkhas here sometimes reach about 10 meters in height. A Nebkha is a form of sand dune that forms around vegetation. It is interesting to know that the highest Nebka in Africa is only 3 meters high.

Autumn is the perfect season to travel to the desert. If you haven’t had a chance to travel yet, it’s better to take a few days before the end of autumn and go to the desert. Be sure that watching the desert night with its multitude of stars will empty all your negative energies. You can experience the joy of living with childhood memories for a few days by booking an eco-tourism accommodation in the heart of the desert, such as the Kashkilo Shahdad eco-tourism accommodation. A place with traditional desert architecture, hospitable staff, a yard full of light and palm trees, and a beautiful pond with the scent of geranium flowers, next to the peace and quiet of the desert, will create a memorable memory for you.

This eco-resort is more than 60 years old and was put into operation in 1995 after restoration. It has two courtyards with 6 rooms. Restrooms are shared and located in the lobby. Some rooms have a window facing the yard, which gives you a beautiful view of the paved yard and date and orange trees. Some of them are located inside the building, which is very cozy and quiet. There is no TV inside the rooms, but if you are very interested in watching TV, don’t worry, there is a special room for watching TV in this hotel. Please note that double and triple rooms do not have toilets and bathrooms. But there is a bathroom inside the suites.

This residence is located in Kerman, Shahdad, Pasdaran Square, 7 Shafai Street. To book this accommodation, go to the Iran Hotel website online.

5- Payo Ecolodge in Khur va Biabanak

Every year, Isfahan province attracts a high percentage of foreign tourists. Along with all the natural and artificial attractions of this province, their traditional and historical residences are also very popular. One of these residences is Payo in the city of Khur Isfahan. which belongs to the Pahlavi era and is more than 70 years old. This residence has English-speaking staff who welcome foreign tourists with their hospitality. This residence is located in Koi Dehriz, Khur city, and its distance from the Mesr desert is about 60 km.

Honeycomb shapes can be mentioned among the characteristics of the eastern desert. Sand dunes change shape with the wind and each one is known by a name. One of the most famous of them is Rig-e Jen. Salt lake and Payan salt shell are also other tourist attractions around the residence.

You can easily and by clicking on the blue part, you can book Payo Khur va Biabanak ecotourism accommodation.

This residence is a 70-year-old house belonging to the Pahlavi era, which was renovated and has found this use today. It has 6 accommodation units. The rooms do not have TVs or beds. But there are toilets in them. You must use a mattress to sleep. Be sure that you will not regret sleeping on these soft mattresses. If you are traveling as a group, Shahneshin and Dalan rooms are good options for staying because there are 5 to 6 mattresses in each room. There is a public refrigerator inside the building that you can use by arrangement. These days, this accommodation has good discounts. For more information, be sure to visit the hotel’s online booking site.

6- Yeta Traditional Hotel in Khur va Biabank

In the city of Khur va Biabanak and in the village of Biyaze, there is a desert hotel that is more than 150 years old. This hotel is 50 km away from Khur city.

A hotel with the facilities of a traditional house, and serving local food. By staying there, you can easily travel to the Mesr desert and enjoy the desert entertainment.

The hotel rooms include a double room with a double bed, air conditioner, heater, refrigerator, toilet, and bathroom. Three-bed rooms include one double bed and one single bed, and their other facilities are similar to two-bedrooms. Four-bed rooms have one double bed and two single beds. There is a souvenir shop in the hotel area where you can buy beautiful gifts for your loved ones. If you have a problem with the toilet, don’t worry, there is an Iranian toilet in the area. The hotel has a coffee shop and a restaurant. Warm and hospitable staff will welcome you to this hotel

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