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The desert of three castles

Seh Qaleh Desert in South Khorasan

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Seh Qaleh Desert; A Paradise for Astronomers

Seh Qaleh (literally meaning three castles) Desert is one of the most unique deserts in the east of the country and on Iran tours, which has attracted many tourists from different regions and countries.

According to the provincial group of the Young Journalists Club of Birjand; South Khorasan has many diverse tourist attractions and the desert in South Khorasan is one of the most important and best capabilities that can help achieve a resilient economy and activate local communities.

Seh Qaleh Desert is a unique desert in the east of the country, which is located 30 km from the center of Se Qala and 55 km from the center of Sarayan city.

The geography of the Seqaleh is such that it is not in the path of local dust flow and open horizon and about zero degrees at the observatory, high security of the region, has beautiful and exceptional desert attractions including sand dunes (Mahour hill), salt lake, Daq (perfectly smooth and hard ground that has no vegetation) introduces this area as a spectacular and unique attraction in the area.

Desert of three castles

Skating and gliding over sand dunes, camel riding and sometimes camel racing, his four-wheeled motorcycling in the vast expanse and the border of the desert is no more fun than body water and swimming, no less fun.

Of course, we can add to these off-road and jeep rides and the exciting shocks of the Rafor car, which has become very popular in the Namkzar desert these days.

In addition, the existence of numerous historical monuments in the city of Seh Qaleh, as well as the deserts around Seh Qaleh, which are mainly Robat City and the old caravanserai, summer villages in the north of the city, Sarayan city’s collection of historical monuments, museums and handicraft potentials of the city, have increased the desert of Seh Qaleh. Every year, hiking and desert tours are held to this point in the province.

Seh Qaleh Desert Dark Skies

Seh Qaleh has the fifth darkest sky in the world, whose observatories and beautiful and endless sky have prepared themselves to host Nowruz travelers who consider the observation of the sky as a window to the infinite knowledge of God.

The desert sky and the beauty hidden in the nights of those years have penetrated the books of writers and poets and the whispers of mystics and lovers, but the understanding of this beauty can only be achieved through the experience of living in the desert at night and Nowruz provides the best opportunity for travelers to Sit in the form of tours or as a family to watch the fifth dark sky of the world. You must have heard that many astronomers and writers say that among the desert, this land where every corner can be a place to observe stars and galaxies.

The Head of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Sarayan City in a conversation with a reporter from Birjand Young Journalists Club; Says that the Seh Qaleh Desert is known both in the province and in the country due to its beautiful, pristine desert and unique sky, he said: The sky Seh Qaleh is the darkest sky in the Middle East.

Arab added: In the discussion of astronomy, the sky of Seh Qaleh has a factor for the magnitude or transparency of the sky and the magnitude of the sky of Seh Qaleh is the highest magnitude in the sky of Iran, ie if the magnitude of the darkest point in the world is 7.5, the magnitude of the sky of Seh Qaleh is 7.2 and has the darkest sky in Iran.

Three castles observatory

He also continued: “The lack of dust throughout the year in this region has made this region have a good sky for astronomical activities and its desert is a pristine, unique and beautiful desert.”

The Sarayan city’s head of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts said that the establishment of residences will definitely increase the presence of tourists and deserters in this area. “Since the beginning of this year, more than 2,600 people have stayed and many tourists Visited this beautiful desert.

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