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Desert Camp

Tips for Camping in the Desert

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8 Golden Tips for Desert Camping!

Camping in the desert is one of the most enjoyable and popular trips for many people. The silence and tranquility of the desert, the sound of the wind and the stars, and watching the sunrise and sunset in the cozy and untouched atmosphere of the desert can be the reason for this popularity. For many people, camping just means camping in a forested and pleasant climate next to a lake or river and away from the stressful atmosphere of the city and its hustle and bustle. Of course, this can be a great idea for camping, but it’s not the only way.

One of the places that have a lot of fans for traveling and camping is camping in the desert. The need for travel and adventure is inherent in human nature. All human beings, after a period of normal work and life, need to travel and change the so-called climate to rejuvenate and regain peace of mind. But everyone’s definition of an ideal journey is different from someone else’s.

Some people like to have a regular and hassle-free trip to stay away from work and life worries for a few days. For example, go by plane to another city or country, stay in a hotel and enjoy the modern shopping malls and entertainment centers of the destination city.

Others like to experience road trips and drive to see nature in their own cars and enjoy the different nature and climate of different parts of the route. Buy souvenirs from the shops along the street and get acquainted with the local food and culture and language of the people of each region.

Others are interested in camping. This means that they first choose the nature and climate they want and travel with the necessary equipment for camping and set up their travel tents at the destination and stay there for several days and nights. Those who are looking for adventure and a real taste of life in nature are camping fans, and if you are also interested in adventure, you will surely fall in love with it once you try camping. Desert camping is one of the most popular types of camping


However, desert nature, like other climates, can be dangerous and deadly. For this reason, for any type of trip, especially camping trips and especially camping in the desert, we must have the necessary and sufficient equipment with us.

Camping in the Desert in Iran

Iran tours are varied in terms of climate, however, Iran desert tours which are growing in popularity are consistently hot and dry. The reason why people are taking on the desert, other than the humbling majesty of these lands, is that many people seek refuge in the desert to get away from the crowded and noisy urban environment and enjoy the silence and tranquility of this beautiful climate by camping in the desert. But traveling to the desert without the necessary equipment and information can be dangerous. In this article, we want to name and explain 8 essential points that every desert traveler should know, so stay with us until the end of this article.

List of Tips for Camping in the Desert

Traveling to the desert can be one of the most beautiful, special, and enjoyable trips. Seeing the stars in the clear sky without polluting the desert, watching the sunrise and sunset, the cool feeling of the desert night wind, and its calmness and silence can make you one of the fans of camping in the desert. But if you know the essentials about camping, you will have a more relaxing and comfortable trip.

Bring Camping Gear

In general, the equipment needed for camping is the same in almost all environments and weather conditions. But in some cases, some climates require special equipment. The following is a list of equipment needed for camping in the desert. Of course, for how long and to what desert you go, it will also change the equipment. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly check the conditions of the destination before packing your backpack

Camping equipment

Medical Supplies

Insect repellent materials and ointments, special ointments after insect bites, painkillers, personal medications, first aid kits, snake bites, creams and lotions or sunscreens with high protection, sun moisturizing lips, sunscreen, and Anti-inflammatory ointments and sweat burn


Sun hat for the day and warm hat for the night, headband and gloves, cotton underwear, long-sleeved blouse to protect from sunlight, long but lightweight travel pants, raincoat and windbreaker, a pair of hiking shoes, two pairs of Socks and stockings, cool cotton T-shirt, warm sweater and dress, shorts, sunglasses

Travel Accessories

Lightweight and waterproof backpack, electronics such as mobile phones and laptops, chargers and power banks, watches, pocket knives, flashlights, hunting knives, exothermic and incendiary materials, large garbage bags for collecting garbage, candles, batteries, Zipper bag, car switch trailer, map, binoculars, whistle, aluminum foil, waterproof underlay, 3- to 5-meter plastic rope, map, lighter and match and firebox, compass and GPS, folding table and chair, Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, blankets, pillows

Camping in the Desert Food Accessories

Suitable utensils for cooking, water filter pumps, water purifiers, water bottles (at least 2 liters per person per day), stove and extra stove fuel, food ingredients, snacks and packaging Canned foods

Suitable utensils

Car Equipment When Going to the Desert

The type of vehicle is also important for camping in the desert. The most suitable type of car to go to the desert are long chassis cars, with wide tires and preferably two differentials. In addition to the necessary gasoline, take enough and safe extra gas with you. Make sure the gasoline storage gallons are not rusted as the rusty iron layers interfere with the car’s fuel supply. Bring a shovel with a handle of at least one meter. Other supplies needed include extra distilled water for car batteries, impeller belts, and radiator hoses.

Map and Itinerary

Before camping in the desert, prepare a new, accurate, and updated map of your route and destination, and specify the exact route and accommodation of the camp on the map. Make another copy of the same maps and after specifying your place of residence, leave that map with the minimum contact number of two people who are in your camp with one of your friends in the city and leave him with you when you return. Inform. In this case, if there is a problem and you lost your way or could not return to the city, he can save you by informing the authorities.

Map and itinerary

Do not drink too much water!

When traveling in the desert and camping in the desert, you may feel more thirsty than ever, but remember not to drink too much water at all. Because by drinking a lot of water, your sweating will increase. Sweating will also reduce your body’s salts, resulting in weakness and possibly anesthesia. So instead of drinking a lot of water, it is better to pour a little lemon juice into the water to quench your thirst. In addition, it is better to have a sugary drink with you, and when you feel numb and low in energy, add a little salt to the drink and drink it cool so that your energy increases and you do not get hot.

Find a suitable place to stay while camping in the desert

Avoid windy and warmer areas. Warmer regions increase the likelihood of overheating, and the probability of sandstorms in windy areas is higher than in other parts of the desert.

When camping in the desert, be about 60 meters away from natural water sources to reduce the possibility of unwanted contamination of water sources by your hands. Water resources in desert areas are very valuable.

When camping, try to camp in areas that have been camped before. In this way, less damage is done to the untouched and cozy nature of the desert.

Choose the location of the camp so that you have a good distance from other camps. Adjust the distance so that the peace and privacy of your camp are maintained with another camp, and at the same time, if an accident occurs, you can get help from other camps.


Water and food rations in case of problems

If you have a problem while camping in the desert and you run out of food and water, try to ration your food first. Because food is the second priority over water and finding food in the desert is almost impossible. Start your diet by not eating for 24 hours, in which case your body will start a new and efficient food cycle.

Do Not Walk Aimlessly When Camping in the Desert.

As far as possible, do not walk in vain when camping in the desert, because when you walk on the sand, your feet are pushed back and it takes a lot more energy from you. In fact, the energy you lose when walking on sand is 3 times the energy you lose when walking normally.

Before leaving the camp, observe the following:

Put charcoal and ashes with garbage in special bags and do not bury them in any way because they take many years to decompose in nature.

Collect all your garbage after camping in the desert or any other environment and do not leave any garbage.

Know that you are familiar with desert camping essentials check out our  11-Day Lut Desert & Cultural Cities Tour where we try to balance culture and nature and gain the best of both worlds.

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