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How Covid-19 Has Affected Iran? [Updated Nov 2020]

Time to read: 4 Mins | Published on September 21, 2020
The latest updates about Covid-19 in Iran, its effect on tourism, and why planning for traveling Iran in the future is not as hard as you think!

The outbreak happened in Iran almost one month before the Persian new year, Nowruz (in March). At first, all the schools, universities, shops, restaurants, and virtually all the public places were closed. The people filling the cities with excitement and joy were now in their houses, trying to avoid infection. There is no doubt that this new year was much different than all the new years Iranian have experienced. The other characteristic of that time was the empty place of the visitors and tourists. As the borders closed, no one could travel to Iran anymore, and agencies began to cancel all the tours.

The quarantine has ended now. People are allowed to get out of their houses while keeping hygiene standards. Also, public places are open now. But the pandemic is not over yet, and there is almost no certainty about when it will end. Following, you can find some updates about the pandemic in Iran. We will also explain what we do to make it easier for you to plan for traveling to Iran in the future.

How People Live During Pandemic in Iran

The quarantine phase is over now, but the pandemic is still ongoing in Iran. In other words, the government allows people to go out of their houses but obligates them to keep hygiene standards. This means everyone should wear masks and keep their social distances. Some of the malls and restaurants check the customers’ fever before entering, and no one is allowed to enter without a mask. Most of them have updated their rules according to health advice and try to maintain social distancing. People can use public transportation such as bus and subway. But, they have to follow the signs that help them keep the distance from the others.

November update: As the number of casualties goes up, the country is going to a light lockdown. Unnecessary places like restaurants and cafes are closed after 6 pm.

doctor check body temprature covid-19

the government allows people to go out of their houses but obligates them to keep hygiene standards.


When Is It Safe to Travel Iran?

We should follow the WHO and Iran ministry of health advice. Perhaps traveling to Iran would be safe after the invention of the vaccine for Covid-19 (coronavirus) in 2021. Right now, in October, Iran does not issue a tourist visa for travelers. By the way, all the visitors (Iranian and non-Iranian) need to take the Covid-19 test before their travel to Iran. The test must be taken no later than 96 hours before your trip. Also, this rule applies to visitors over two years old holding any type of visa. So, all travelers must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result certificate to enter Iran.

(World Health Organization)


Last Travel Trends in Iran During Covid-19

As same as the other countries dealing with the pandemic, Iran has closed its borders. It means all Iran tours welcoming foreign tourists are canceled. But, domestic travels have already started up. Most of the cultural and historical sites are now open, and tourists can pay a visit. However, there have been some changes in how domestic travel is going on. Most of the domestic tourists prefer traveling in private groups rather than small group tours. Also, to avoid the crowd in the cities, the destination of these travels has changed as well. Instead of booking the tours that include visiting the cultural attractions, people are now more interested in adventure tours. On the bright side, Iran has diverse natural attractions. So, there is still a lot left for visiting and enjoying.

The flight attendant is spreading the mask among the passengers

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, passengers sit on the plane at a distance.

Trekking tours and desert tours are now more popular than ever. Also, they are the safest option for traveling at the moment! The good news is that the Iran desert tours and safari packages will be starting in autumn.

Booking Tours for 2021 and Cancelation Policy

Our flexible cancelation policy lets you book our tour and cancel it if necessary, with a refund. With all the uncertainties about the future, this can help plan your travel to Iran. According to our cancellation policies, we will fully refund your deposit for cancellations before 60 days of your trip. For more information, you can check our booking terms and conditions page.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically affected all our lives, we all know that it will end sooner or later. Meanwhile, we are trying to make some improvements to our Iran tours. We greatly miss the tourists and are looking forward to having them and showing them the beauties of Iran again!

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To get the latest updates about Iran Visa, you can fill out the visa form (without paying) to get notified whenever it’s possible to apply for a tourist visa.

How Covid-19 Has Affected Iran [Updates & News]

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