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Historical Attractions in Iran

Historical Attractions in Iran

Iran World Heritage Sites

Iran UNESCO world heritage sites are the most valuable destinations for tourists visiting Iran. Here, we will have a brief introduction to them.UNESCO world heritage sites are landmarks that have unique cultural or historical importance. UNESCO officially chooses these sites every year, and international treaties will legally protect them. Iran is among the countries with the highest number of world heritage sites. Moreover, UNESCO world heritages in Iran are 24. Two of the UNESCO world heritages in Iran are natural including Hyrcanian forests and the Lut Desert. The rest of them are cultural sites belonging to various historical eras in Iran. These historical eras include Elamite, Achaemenes, Sassanid Empires and the Empires after Islam. In other words, UNESCO world heritages in Iran include sites from almost 1200 B.C to one hundred years ago.

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