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Black Mountain Desert

Kavir-e Siah Kuh or Aqda Desert

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Where is the Kavir-e Siah Kuh

Kavir-e Siah Kuh is located 40 km north of Ardakan city and 20 km south of Anarak city in Yazd province. This desert is limited to Namak and Gargu mountains from the south, Nain and No Gonbad deserts from the west and Anarak heights from the north.

Access Routes to the Kavir-e Siah Kuh

Where is the black mountain?

The first route is the Ardakan route to Ahmadabad and then the dirt road to Ahmadabad, which passes by the railway and reaches the Kavir-e Siah Kuh.

The second route is the Anarak route to Nain railway station and then the dirt road bypassing the railway to No Gonbad station.

The third route is the dirt road from Anarak to Ismail (a village 9 km south of Anarak) and then Kavir-e Siah Kuh.

A Guide to the Kavir-e Siah Kuh

Photo of Black Mountain

The Kavir-e Siah Kuh, also known as the Aqda Desert, is one of the sights of Ardakan in Yazd Province, a popular spot on Iran tours. This desert is located in an irregular depression near Ardestan and Zardin deserts. The area around this desert is covered with igneous and calcareous rocks. Extensive alluvial fans have been developed along the southwest surface of this desert. Its two main rivers enter the desert from the northern and southern ends. Flood currents also flow into this desert from the southeast of Yazd.

In the southern part of this desert and between the salt fields, there is a swamp. Most of the surface of the clay plates of this desert are uneven and have a windy state, which indicates high salinity and high groundwater level in this desert. Locally, along the western part of this desert, holes can be seen that have been created due to the fall of the earth’s surface. Some of these depressions are elliptical and up to one meter long. They are also 60 cm wide and 15 cm deep.

The Kavir-e Siah Kuh has a shape similar to the crescent moon, in the inner arc of which is the Kavir-e Siah Kuh with a height of 2,050 meters. The average elevation of this desert from the surface of open waters is about 730 meters.

Vegetation of Kavir-e Siah Kuh

Vegetation of Black Mountain Desert

No vegetation can be seen inside the Kavir-e Siah Kuh. Only on the edge of the desert are halophyte and saline plants such as Seidlitzia Rosmarinus and turmeric. Outside the desert area and in areas where soil salinity is slightly reduced, vegetation can be observed including astragalus, wild spinach, leeks, cockatiels, eels, wheat flowers, mountain anemones, sagebrush, lily of the valley, Melica Persica
and sagebrush.

Kavir-e Siah Kuh Wildlife

Black Mountain Desert Wildlife

Due to soil salinity, poor vegetation, and lack of freshwater springs, wildlife is not thought to exist in this area; But on the outskirts of the area, animals such as wolves, jackals, common foxes, hyenas, partridges, terns, quails, plains eagles, well pigeons, Eurasian collared dove, king owls, Indian turkeys, terns, and common sparrows are found. There are also a variety of reptiles in the area, including the tortoise and the Agama family, salamanders, and skins.

The Best Time to Travel to the Kavir-e Siah Kuh

Time to travel to the black desert

Usually in the Kavir-e Siah Kuh, relatively strong winds blow. In this region, temperature fluctuations are high in summer and winter and even at night and day. Temperatures fluctuate between at least 20 degrees Celsius below zero and 46 degrees Celsius above zero throughout the year. The coldest months of the year in this desert region can be considered January and February; the warmest months are July. The northern part of the desert is wet even in August, the hottest month of the year. If the southern part is dry in late June and wet again in early September.

Autumn is one of the best seasons to travel to desert areas, including Ardakan Siah Kuh. Therefore, do not choose the months of July and August to travel to this desert region at all; Because they are the hottest months of the desert.

Accommodation in the Kavir-e Siah Kuh

Black Mountain Resort

After visiting the Kavir-e Siah Kuh, you can go to Narousineh Ecotourism Resort, which is located in the city of Anarak, the historical fortress of Ismaili village. This 10-room residence has three bathrooms and a shared bathroom. You can also enjoy delicious food for a separate fee. By staying in this place, you can live like rural people for a few hours and escape urban life.

If you’re interested in Iran desert tours you should also check out our 2-Day Maranjab Desert & Kashan Tour where we explore vast desert lands and flower fields.

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