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Most beautiful beaches of Iran

Best Beaches in Iran

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Caspian Sea Beaches

Iran’s Caspian Sea coast is dotted with beautiful beaches in three provinces: Golestan, Mazandaran, and Guilan. Whether you seek peace, adventure, or just a break, these beaches have many wonders for you to explore:

Golestan Beaches

The eastern coast of the Caspian Sea lies at the border of Golestan province, where the cities of Bandar-e Gaz, Bandar Turkmen, and Gomishan are blessed by its presence. An interesting point for tourists is the short distance between these three cities, allowing travelers to reach any of them in less than 20 minutes and enjoy the different beaches of the Caspian Sea in Golestan.

1) Bandar-e Gaz Beach

Bandar-e Gaz Beach

Bandar-e Gaz, originally part of the ancient city of Gorgan and one of the beautiful beaches in Iran, was once a thriving commercial port. Although it lacks the hustle and bustle of commercial ships nowadays, its stunning coastline remains a great attraction for tourists. 

There are shops along the Bandar-e Gaz coastline, and you can also purchase essentials from the city with minimal distance. Additionally, the Bandar-e Gaz coastline is a suitable place for swimming during warmer seasons. If you’re lucky, you might even spot migratory birds here.

2) Bandar Turkmen and Ashuradeh Island Beaches

Bandar Turkmen Iran

Bandar Turkmen is a historic city with unique architecture inspired by the Russians. A short distance from the dock is Ashuradeh Island, reachable by a few minutes’ boat ride. It’s also a safe haven for birds, and you can enjoy the tranquility of the sea on its shores. 

Unlike Bandar-e Gaz, Bandar Turkmen’s coastline offers more amenities. There’s a local market where you can purchase Turkmen goods and locally produced items. Turkmen scarves and Turkmen cuisine have always been popular among tourists. Even if you’re not into shopping, you can at least try “Bishme,” a tasty Turkmen snack, in Bandar Turkmen.

3) Gomishan Beach

Gomishan Beach of Iran

Gomishan is another city that has one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran. If you’re a nature enthusiast, visit Gomishan Lagoon. Located between Gomishan and Khajeh Nafas, this lagoon hosts over 20 species of fish and 100 species of birds, some of which are rare, making birdwatching a delightful activity here. Many birdwatching tours come to this area during migration seasons because of the unique birds you can spot. 

Mazandaran Beaches

In northern Iran, Mazandaran province boasts some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, each offering something special for visitors. No matter your preference, the most beautiful beaches in Iran, Mazandaran promise a memorable coastal getaway:

1) Ramsar Beach

Iran Ramsar Beach

Ramsar Beach is not just a scenic spot. You can take a stroll in its markets, shop, taste delicious local foods at its restaurants, go boating, and enjoy the warmth of the sun on hot days.

2) Motel Ghoo Beach

Motel Ghoo Beach

Motel Ghoo Resort in Salman Shahr has one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, offering breathtaking views of the Azimzadeh Twin Towers. Providing various sea activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, and snorkeling, this beach offers thrilling and memorable moments.

3) Farah Abad Beach

Farah Abad Beach in Iran

Farah Abad Beach in Sari is another unforgettable attraction in Mazandaran and one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, located 35 kilometers north of Sari city. It’s recommended to visit this beach when the orange and yellow rays of the sunset blend with the blue sky and sea, creating a beautiful picture full of vibrant colors.

4) Mahmoud Abad Beach

Every year, many tourists choose Mahmoud Abad as their travel destination, and this beach has significantly expanded in terms of tourism and recreational facilities. In this area, there are various facilities including an amusement park, ATV riding, motor boating, and more. Experiencing horseback riding and enjoying the view of the sea from above is a special and memorable feeling. There are also gazebos for friendly and family gatherings by the sea, which are an ideal place for picnics and barbecues. 

5) Sisangan Beach

Sisangan Beach

Sisangan Beach covers an area of ​​about 30 hectares. In Sisangan Beach, various trees such as fig, oak, pomegranate, wild pear, mulberry, elderberry, and black elderberry catch the eye. It also has gazebos and amenities such as jet skiing, horseback riding, boating, and more.

Gilan Beaches

Gilan province in northern Iran is home to some of the most picturesque and beautiful beaches in Iran, offering visitors a perfect blend of natural beauty and serenity. Here are some of the best beaches in Gilan:

1) Gisoom Beach

Gisoom Beach of Iran

To reach Gisoom Beach, you have to pass through a dreamy path amidst tall and lush forest trees. After crossing the forest, the beautiful Gisoom Beach with recreational facilities such as boating, paragliding, jet skiing, and more will be in view.

2) Bandar-e Anzali Beach

Bandar-e Anzali Beach

Anzali Free Zone has one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, equipped with shaded umbrellas, sunbeds, and desert showers in separate sections for men and women. This beach has a massage salon, table tennis, a volleyball court, and a café.

If you want to experience beach and water sports in the best possible way during your trip to the Caspian Sea, head to Anzali Free Zone. Parasailing, paddleboarding, kayaking, sea tours, windsurfing, and kiteboarding are the sports available here.

3) Rudsar Beach

Rudsar Beach in Iran

Rudsar Beach is located next to the Rudsar National Park and has beach facilities such as gazebos, boat rentals, jet skiing, horse riding, a football field, and a volleyball court.

4) Chamkhaleh Beach

The combination of paddy fields and agricultural lands next to the beach has created a beautiful landscape at Chamkhaleh Beach. It is famous as one of the most beautiful, equipped, and safest beaches on the Caspian coast.

Chamkhaleh Beach has soft sand which is suitable for volleyball and football on the beach. You can enjoy cycling, horseback riding, and ATV riding at Chamkhaleh Beach.

Persian Gulf Beaches

The Persian Gulf coastline is dotted with the most pristine and beautiful beaches in Iran, offering visitors a range of breathtaking landscapes and recreational activities. These beaches are scattered across three provinces: Hormozgan, Bushehr, and Baluchestan: 

Hormozgan Beaches

Hormozgan Province, located in southern Iran along the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, is renowned for its stunning beaches with turquoise waters, golden sands, and picturesque landscapes. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, Hormozgan:

1) Qeshm Island Beaches

Qeshm Island Beaches

Qeshm – also known as the country’s largest island – has undoubtedly one of the best beaches in southern Iran. This beach is renowned for its numerous tourist attractions, primarily due to its rich history. Qeshm Island has a humid climate, so it’s best to visit during winter or autumn. 

Notable spots on Qeshm’s beaches include Stars Valley, Hara Forest, Silver Beach, Souza Beach, Naz Island Beach, Crocodile Park, Statue Valley, Portuguese Castle, and Naz Islands.

2) Naz Islands Beach, Qeshm

Naz Islands Beach, Qeshm

Naz Islands Beach features a collection of beautiful rocks that emerge due to the rise and fall of water levels. The picturesque scenery of Naz Islands will leave you eager for another visit. Located on the southeast coast of Qeshm, the best time to visit is before sunset.

3) Hormuz Island Beaches

Hormuz Island Beaches in Iran

Another gem along the southern coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf is Hormuz Island. The red sand of the Hormuz Sea is considered the most peculiar and attractive part of this region. Moreover, Hormuz Island boasts numerous historical sites and attractions, making it one of the most suitable options for travel.

Tourist attractions on Hormuz Island include the Red Coast, Rainbow Valley, Mangrove Forest, and Bazaar.

4) Kish Island Beaches

One of the most attractive areas in southern Iran is Kish Island, the most famous and renowned island in the Persian Gulf. This island is known as a luxury beach destination accessible by land, air, and rail. Tourist attractions on Kish Island include Coral Beach, Green Tree, Greek Ship, Ancient Harireh City, and Kariz Aqueduct. 

Kolbeh Hour Beach is another spectacular beach on Kish Island, ideal for camping and exploring the Persian Gulf. This beach, like many others on Kish Island, offers marine and diving activities in the depths of the sea. In recent years, wooden cabins have been built here for anglers to rest, earning it the name “Kolbeh Hour.” The tranquil atmosphere makes it a popular choice for relaxation.

Kish Island Beaches

5) Suru Beach, Bandar Abbas

Suru Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, highly popular among tourists. This beach offers various recreational facilities, such as children’s playgrounds, beach parks, cafes, and restaurants, ensuring a pleasant trip for visitors. Situated in Bandar Abbas, Suru attracts many travelers during the Nowruz holidays, offering activities like boating, swimming, and photography.

6) Lavan Island Beaches

Lavan Island Beaches

Lavan Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Persian Gulf, accessible via the port of Mogham. Its beaches consist of sandy, coral, and rocky shores, creating a charming and captivating environment. Lavan Island’s beaches offer a suitable climate and a safe environment for camping in nature.

7) Hendorabi Island Beaches

Hendorabi Island Beaches

Hendorabi Island spans an area of approximately 23 square kilometers and hosts numerous attractions. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy the beautiful beaches in Iran on this island and the sound of seabirds. Hendorabi Island is an excellent choice for water activities and sports if you’re interested.     

Bushehr Beaches

The beautiful beaches in Iran, Bushehr province offer diverse landscapes and recreational activities, catering to the preferences of every beachgoer:

1) Rishehr Beach

Rishehr Beach Bushehr

Located 8 kilometers from Bushehr, Rishehr is an ancient coastal area and one of the finest and most beautiful beaches in Iran. Known as the Coastal Park, it offers various water recreational activities.

2) Jofreh Pier

This area is an excellent recreational option. Jofreh Pier is situated on the northwest side of the city of Bushehr, offering views of the Persian Gulf. Here, you can find a variety of delicious fresh fish. If you visit this area, don’t miss the opportunity to watch the sunset at the pier.

3) Banood Beach, Asaluyeh

Asaluyeh Banood Beach

Banood Beach is a unique and beautiful location in Asaluyeh, Bushehr Province. It served as one of the main locations for filming the movie “Muhammad: The Messenger of God,” and remnants of the beautiful straw houses and historical structures from the film can still be seen on the beach. Here, you can enjoy the night and camp under the moonlight while watching the rocks and the glow of phytoplankton.

4) Imam Hassan Beach

Imam Hassan Beach in Iran

Imam Hassan Beach is one of the oldest beaches in southern Iran, boasting a long history in trade and tourism. Previously known as Siniz Beach, it is located between the Delim and Ganaveh ports, with its origins dating back to the Achaemenid period. Siniz Park, Imam Hassan Palm Grove, and the Persian Gulf Coastal Park are tourist attractions near this beautiful beach.

5) Mokassar Beach in Bandar Mogham

Mokassar Beach in Bandar Mogham

Due to its unique beauty and attractions, Mokassar Beach ranks among the most beautiful beaches in Iran. This stunning location is where the mountains meet the sea. Mokassar Beach is known as the nesting habitat of hawksbill sea turtles. These endangered turtles come to the shores of Lavan and Shidro for nesting. Mokassar Beach does not have any special recreational facilities, but swimming, walking, and photography on this beach are the most important pastimes for tourists.

6) Oshagh Beach

Another touristic attraction 20 kilometers away from Magham Port is “Gardane Oshagh” or Oshagh Beach. Oshagh Beach boasts one of the most beautiful rocky beaches near the port. The tall cliffs offer a stunning view of the Persian Gulf shores and landscapes to the beholder. The best time to visit and enjoy the extraordinary nature and scenery of Oshagh Beach is at sunset.

At Oshagh Beach, you can capture the most beautiful images of rocky shores with your camera. On some winter nights, the aggregation of phytoplankton causes the sandy shores of Oshagh Beach to glow, creating an indescribable scene. Additionally, the Oshagh Beach area is a suitable option for rock climbing enthusiasts; however, some sections have been eroded over the years due to their proximity to the sea.

7) Parsian Beach

Parsian County encompasses sea, mountains, and plains all together. This region is filled with gushing springs, lush green fields, bustling villages, and beautiful palm groves.

The shores and beaches of Parsian are among the top attractions of the province, attracting many tourists. The sparkling sandy beaches and rocky shores, formed over many years by the convergence of mountains and sea, are unparalleled. These shores stretch for over 90 kilometers along the Persian Gulf coast.

Sistan & Baluchestan Beaches

Sistan and Baluchestan province, located in southeastern Iran, is known for its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and pristine beaches along the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean. The province boasts a unique blend of desert and coastal areas, offering visitors a wide range of natural attractions to explore:

1) Norani Beach, Tang Village

Norani Beach, Tang Village

Located near Chabahar, Tang Village boasts remarkable natural phenomena, numerous tourist attractions, and pristine landscapes that will undoubtedly mesmerize you. One of its captivating features is Norani Beach, situated alongside the Gulf of Oman, where the sea meets the mountainous terrain. 

During autumn and winter nights, the village becomes exceptionally alluring, sometimes illuminating the sea with a dazzling blue hue. This phenomenon is caused by bioluminescent phytoplanktons, which emit a radiant glow in the water after dark, enhancing the beach’s beauty.

2) Chabahar Blowhole (Natural Water Fountain)

Chabahar Blowhole

Chabahar, a coastal city in southern Iran, is renowned for its intriguing and unique tourist destinations. One of its fascinating phenomena is the Chabahar Blowhole, where natural water fountains emerge upon the collision of high-speed waves with the rocky shore. 

3) Tis Beach, Chabahar

Tis Beach in Chabahar

Tis Village in Chabahar hosts one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran for leisure and fishing. Located approximately 10 kilometers north of the city of Chabahar, Tis Beach features gentle, arched waves with a depth of about 1.5 meters, making it ideal for swimming and water activities. The beach offers recreational facilities such as pergolas, cafes, restaurants, and a playground, along with activities like boating and jet skiing.

4) Beris Beach, Chabahar

Beris Beach in Chabahar

Beris Beach, surrounded by towering cliffs, stands out among the beautiful beaches in Iran. The cliffs rise about 30 meters above the beach, providing a panoramic view of small fishing boats, seabirds in flight, and the entire shoreline. The local markets here offer freshly caught fish and delicious seafood.

5) Darak, the Only Desert-Adjacent Beach in Iran

Darak Beach in Iran

Darak is the only beach in Iran situated next to a desert, a rarity globally. This coastal gem lies in the Zirabad district of Konarak County, in the southeastern corner of Sistan and Baluchestan Province. It’s recommended to rely on a trustworthy Iran tour operator to visit this beautiful beach. 

“Darak” means “living by the sea” in the local dialect, named so due to its proximity to both the desert and the sea. The sandy dunes alongside the sea offer picturesque landscapes, making it a photographer’s paradise with numerous subjects and scenes to capture.

6) Red Beach in Chabahar or Lipar Lagoon

Red Beach in Chabahar

Known for its reddish and pinkish hues, the lagoon is also referred to as the Pink Chabahar Lagoon. This captivating phenomenon is among the highlights of Sistan and Baluchestan’s coastline, attracting numerous tourists with its delightful colors each year.

7) Shabtab Beach in Chabahar

Shabtab Beach in Chabahar

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, Shabtab Beach lies along the Makran Sea coast. The presence of planktonic organisms known as phytoplankton, emitting a blue radiance, lends a stunning appearance to the beach. This phenomenon occurs on various shores worldwide, and to witness it at Shabtab Beach, one can visit during winter or autumn nights. 

8) Makran Beach

This beautiful coast, known as Makran, is one of the tourist attractions of Sistan and Baluchestan and lies along the coast of the Sea of Oman. The Makran shores, with their unique sandy and coral beaches, provide an excellent setting for water sports, rocky shores, and historical and ancient sites, making it one of the best opportunities for tourism in this province.

Due to its connection to the ocean, this coast has become home to tourist ships from around the world. One of the top features of this coast is the juxtaposition of desert and sea, creating an incredibly captivating phenomenon.

Final Thoughts

Iran boasts a diverse array of stunning beaches along its extensive coastline, each offering unique natural wonders and recreational opportunities. From the captivating Norani Beach in Sistan & Baluchestan with its bioluminescent phytoplankton to the enchanting Darak Beach, nestled beside the desert, the country’s coastal destinations leave visitors spellbound with their beauty. 

If you want to visit the most beautiful beaches in Iran, you can check out our diverse tours on our homepage or contact us for Iran tailor made tours to enjoy a personalized adventure!

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