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استراحتگاه کویری براتی

Barati Desert Ecolodge – Khur va Biabanak, Isfehan

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Barati Ecotourism Resort is located in Mesr village, Khur va Biabanak – Isfahan province. With 7 rooms and a 4-person suite, this residence has a total capacity of 56 tourists and is a perfect accommodation for an Iran Tour to the Mesr desert.

The layout and architectural style of the residence are completely traditional and are made of thatched walls and wooden doors and windows that give the feeling of rural life to its travelers.

The residence suite has a private toilet and bathroom, and for the rest of the guests, Iranian and French service and bathroom are shared inside the area.

In the large courtyard of the eco-lodge Barati, there are wooden beds that provide a good opportunity for you to dine and have dinner and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the residence.

It is possible to order a variety of traditional and delicious food from the region for you dear travelers. The heating system of the Barati eco-tourism residence is an oil heater and its cooling system is ceiling and table fans.

Barati Ecotourism Resort is located a short distance from the Mesr desert and allows you to go enjoy your Iran Desert Tours or go from the ecolodge to the desert alone and with prior arrangements with a tour guide. From here you can see the beautiful sand dunes and touch, and enjoy the warm, smooth sand between your fingers whenever you please.

Desert ecotourism residence in Iran

Tourist Attractions of Barati Ecotourism Resort:

  • Mesr Desert – The distance from the residence: 600 meters (1 minute)
  • Rig-e Kalleh Desert – The distance to the residence: 8 km (10 minutes)
  • Daryache Namak (Salt Lake) – The distance to the residence: is 68 km (55 minutes)
  • Jandaq Castle – Distance from the residence 139 km (1 hour and 43 minutes)
  • The beautiful village of Garmeh (Garmeh Castle) – The distance to the residence: 84.8 km (1 hour and 8 minutes)
  • Iraj Historical and Desert Village – The distance to the residence: 99.6 km (1 hour and 23 minutes)
  • Bayazah Historical Castle – the distance from the residence: 109 km (1 hour and 25 minutes)
  • Halvan Desert – the distance to the residence: 224 km (2 hours and 39 minutes)

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