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Almas 2 Hotel Mashhad

Almas 2 Hotel in Mashhad

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Almas 2 Hotel Mashhad is one of the best five-star hotels in this city. This luxury hotel in Mashhad has attracted the attention of many visitors due to its convenient location and unique amenities. You can experience a memorable stay by choosing this hotel as your residence during your trip.

The Almas 2 Hotel was opened in 2016 at 20 Imam Reza Street. Choosing this hotel is particularly suitable for those who wish to travel to Mashhad by train and can be generally considered one of the best locations for staying in Mashhad. The beautiful views, along with the wide variety of amenities, have created encouraging accommodation units for tourists and pilgrims alike.

Almas 2 Hotel Lobby Mashhad

The lobby of Almas 2 Hotel consists of two living areas and a shop. In the hotel lobby, very advanced facilities are considered to ensure the guests’ well-being upon arrival. An air conditioning system, furniture, and flat-screen TVs are only part of the facilities available in the lobby of this Mashhad hotel.

The moment you enter the Almas 2 Hotel in Mashhad, you will be greeted with a warm welcome by the Welcome reception staff in the hotel lobby, which will make you feel tired. Upon entering the lobby of this hotel in Mashhad, you will see the written and beautiful fountain of this hotel that welcomes you.

Almas 2 Hotel Rooms in Mashhad

Almas 2 Hotel Mashhad has designed its rooms in a very diverse and unique way so that every person can book the desired room according to their taste and interests. These rooms are divided according to the decoration design in the style of different countries. The design of hotel suites and rooms is such that your eyes may be dazzled.

Almas 2 Mashhad Hotel has Turkish-style rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors. The 5th floor of this hotel is related to the Italian style. This hotel’s 6th and 7th floors are dedicated to the Agra of India. On the 9th and 10th floors, the style of Thai style prevails, and on the 11th and 12th floors, the Russian style is seen. The 13th and 14th floors are famous for their Arab style.

In the luxurious Almas 2 hotel in Mashhad, the rooms are designed in an extremely stylish and luxurious design. Single rooms are suitable for those who are alone and can also accommodate two people. Diamond double bedrooms with civilized architectural style with a size of 26 meters have excellent amenities that provide a wonderful stay.

A door connects the connecting rooms of this hotel in Mashhad with the traditional architectural style of the region, which is suitable for guests who are two families and want to have comfortable transportation. Brilliant hotel rooms have a double bed or two single beds with a special design. It should be noted that these rooms, unfortunately, do not have skylights, which the presence of a jacuzzi tub has substituted.

Honeymoon rooms of Almas 2 Mashhad Hotel are designed for young couples who come to this hotel for their honeymoon. The honeymoon room with a size of 30 meters has a very good space. Among the facilities in these rooms, we can mention a shower cabin, a jacuzzi, an electronic safe deposit box, a dressing and study table, and a cooling and heating system.

President Almas 2 Mashhad hotel suites have more special facilities and more wonderful designs than other accommodation units in this hotel. If you are looking for a wonderful accommodation unit in this hotel, we recommend the President Suites. You can experience a dream stay with your loved ones in these suites.

Almas 2 Hotel’s Restaurants

Almas 2 Mashhad Hotel has designed many restaurants and coffee shops according to the guests’ taste. The restaurants of this hotel in Mashhad offer all their dishes in the form of a buffet. Of course, in the current situation (coronavirus), the food is served under a vacuum or by the restaurant staff.

Firoozeh Restaurant

Firoozeh Restaurant, which is located on the 17th floor of the hotel, and with its unique design, has a beautiful view of the shrine of Imam Reza and the beautiful city of Mashhad. You will feel relaxed in this wonderful restaurant whose theme is white and turquoise. Luxurious tables and chairs with matching curtains create a pleasant environment.

The Almas Panorama Revolving Restaurant

Panorama revolving restaurant of the beautiful Almas 2 hotel in Mashhad, located on the hotel’s roof, is a luxurious and magnificent place at the height of the city. This restaurant has a 360-degree view of the city and the holy shrine of Razavi, which is considered the best place for receiving guests and citizens’ dinners.

Roof Garden Restaurant

The roof garden restaurant cafe of Almas 2 Hotel is located on the 19th floor of the hotel, which has a beautiful view of the shrine and the city of Mashhad. This restaurant offers all kinds of traditional dishes, hot and cold drinks with the best quality. You can enjoy the best light and delicious food in a stylish and modern atmosphere.

Almas 2 Hotel Coffee Shop in Mashhad

The coffee shop of the 5-star Almas 2 hotel is a cozy and unique place to spend a relaxing time in this hotel. This coffee shop in the hotel is known as Yaqut on the upper floor of the lobby, which is ready to serve the esteemed guests of the hotel 24 hours a day. You can have all kinds of hot and cold drinks, all kinds of coffee, cakes and foreign dishes in this place.

What facilities are there for the entertainment and well-being of guests at Almas 2 Mashhad Hotel?

Almas 2 Mashhad Hotel has unique amenities. In addition to comfort facilities, the management of this hotel tries to satisfy its guests by creating recreational facilities. The water complex and spa services are among the wonderful recreational services and facilities in this hotel.

The pool and water complex of Almas 2 Luxury Hotel is one of the largest pools among the five-star hotels in Mashhad. Dear guests, by referring to the water complex of this hotel, they can use parts such as a dry sauna, steam sauna, and jacuzzi. Also, by visiting the spa center of Almas 2 Hotel, you will find that you can use all kinds of massages and skin care in this complex.

If you suffer from skin problems or want to benefit from professional body treatments, this spa center is the best place for you in the hotel. It should be noted that the use of the swimming pool, sauna, and gym is offered free of charge to guests who stay a few nights in this hotel.

Other Amenities at Almas 2 Hotel Mashhad

Guests can buy the best quality goods and souvenirs for their families in the shopping area of ​​this Mashhad hotel. Almas 2 Hotel provides all the amenities and services of Mihanan so that guests can experience a great, happy and unique trip. This Shahr Behesht hotel with excellent facilities is a suitable choice for those loved ones who are looking for a first-class and newly built hotel. If you want to bring a dream stay for yourself and your loved ones without any shortage, we suggest you this hotel.

The unique Almas 2 hotel in Mashhad has a multi-story parking lot for those who travel to this city by private car. By staying in this hotel, you can transfer your car to the parking lot by the hotel staff with car lifts. If you are looking for hotels of almost the same level or even better than this hotel, I suggest you check Rotana Mashhad Hotel and Homa Mashhad Hotel.

How far is Almas 2 Hotel from the Shrine of Mashhad?

The distance between Almas 2 Mashhad Hotel and the Holy Shrine of Razavi is less than 3 minutes by car, and this distance will reach 8 minutes by foot. This Mashhad hotel is one of the popular choices among Mashhad tour tourists due to its proximity to Imam Mehrabani’s threshold and access to city centers and markets.

Why book Almas 2 Hotel in Mashhad?

Almas 2 Hotel in Mashhad has become a favorite hotel for all pilgrims by providing excellent services and facilities. This hotel in Mashhad has good access to Bab al-Reza and Razavi Mosque. Excellent facilities along with a wide variety of rooms are among the other advantages of booking this hotel in Mashhad. Travel to Iran with IranAmaze and book this hotel from among our list of Hotels.

How many luxury rooms are there in Almas 2 Hotel?

Almas 2 Hotel in Mashhad has more than 100 rooms, the rooms of which are named after different countries on each floor. Honeymoon Suite, President Suite, Connected Rooms, India Suite, Africa Suite, China Suite, etc., are among the suites designed in the style of nations.

What services and facilities does Almas 2 Hotel have?

Almas 2 luxury hotel has high facilities that can only be found in some Mashhad hotels, such as five stars. Massage parlor, special services for veterans and the disabled, laundry services, wake-up, luggage room, luxurious lobby, restaurant and coffee shop, etc., are just some of the facilities of this 5-star hotel in Mashhad.

Where is the address of Almas 2 Hotel in Mashhad?

Almas 2 Shahr Behesht Hotel is located at 20 Imam Reza Street, Imam Reza Street, and this good location has made most pilgrims prefer to book this hotel in Mashhad.

What attractions is Almas 2 close to?

Almas 2 luxury hotel has good access to the shrine. It is close to other places such as Chaharrah Danesh, Bloor Bazaar, Saat Bazaar, Seventy-two Ton Mosque, Mehdi Qolibeg Hammam, Saint Mesrop Armenian Church, etc.

Other than the famous central shire of the city, and famous Mashhad sites the Hotel in close proximity to the following historical landmarks:

  • The Darougheh Historical House, which was constructed in the late Qajar era, is a prime example of the period’s fusion of Iranian and Russian architecture.
  • Mashad’s Green Dome Mausoleum which is said to have been dedicated to Sheikh Astarabadi, a mystic who lived in the 15th century and passed away before the turn of the century. The turquoise-green mosque itself was reconstructed under the rule of Shah Abbas II (1632-1666).
  • The Baba Ghodrat Tourist Complex which is currently one of Mashhad’s most prestigious and traditional tourist destinations was built during the Qajar dynasty and served as the city’s main gateway as well as a caravanserai for a considerable amount of time.
  • Baba Ghodrat Tourist Complex. Restaurants with traditional cuisine occupy about half of this enormous complex. However, the restaurants also serve non-traditional meals despite their traditional setting. There are also 22 stores in the Baba Ghodrat Tourist Complex Shopping area where well-known artisans display and market their handcrafted items. The entire complex is decorated and set up in a very traditional fashion, giving the impression that you are traveling back in time to Qajar Iran.

Which hotels in Mashhad is Almas 2 Hotel similar to?

Almas 2 luxury hotel in Mashhad is similar to many hotels in Behesht due to its high comfort facilities. But Homa Mashhad Hotel is suitable for a stay away from the hustle and bustle because it is located on Ahmadabad Blvd. Of course, Rotana Mashhad Hotel is another option for accommodation, which has not been opened yet.

What are the rules of Almas 2 Hotel?

The luxurious Almas 2 hotel in Behesht city does not have any special rules, but it complies with all the terms and conditions of the hotel industry. Of course, booking sites have special rules and cancellation rules that you can read. But the most significant point about the rules of the sites and the hotel itself is the cancellation of the trip. When the traveler cancels his trip for any reason, the booking site or the hotel itself has the right to deduct the cost of 1 night’s stay up to 72 hours before arrival from the passenger’s payment and return the remaining amount.

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