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Abuzid Abad Desert, Kashan

Abuzeydabad Desert, Kashan

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If you love wandering through deserts, trekking into the heart of sand dunes, and enjoying the mischief of the wind and flowing soils, continue reading of this article as we introduce to you Abuzeydabad desert, one of the most popular places on Iran tours.

Abuzeydabad Desert; Beauty in Simplicity

In Isfahan province, a few kilometers away from Kashan, the Abuzeydabad desert shows its beauty and many desert climbers choose it as their destination. This charismatic desert is one of the beauties of Rig Dam in Aran o Bidgol and many travelers are fascinated by its magical atmosphere. The popularity of this desert is not less than the desert of Mesr or Marnjab, and every year travel tours with domestic and foreign tourists take a road trip to reach Abuzeydabad.

Silence Full of the Unspoken

The silence of the desert, the starry nights, and the dancing of its sand dunes demand a special atmosphere that desert climbers are fascinated by this pure feeling and therefore in the cold seasons of the year, they pack their bags to go to these mysterious areas. Desert climbing is a journey to the depths of human existence, the solitude and the sound of the desert silence and its sandy uniformity is the most pristine solitude that man can have with him. In addition to all these inherent features, the Abuzeydabad Desert has historical attractions that increase the number of tourists. Attractions such as “Korshahi Castle” and the underground city of “Nushabad” which is also known as “Ouyi” due to the underground city with it by this name.

Noshabad Underground City; An Attraction Near Abuzeydabad Desert

The underground city of Noshabad, also known as the “Ouyi” complex, will undoubtedly surprise you. The special and strange architecture of this area has an attractive conundrum that shows the intelligence and creativity of the people of the past. The depth of this building in some places reaches 18 meters. It is a collection of rooms, corridors, canals, etc., which are gathered together on 3 floors and will be of great interest to you as a historical treasure.

Korshahi Castle; A Historical Monument Left Over From the Time of the Mongols

Those who plan to travel to Abuzeydabad, include going to Korshahi Castle in their travel plan. This fort is located at a distance of about 20 km from the village of “Matin Abad”, north of the city of “Badrud” and close to Abuzeydabad. Korshahi was also known as “Gohar Shahi” and “Castle of Thieves” in ancient times and is known as “Castle of the Deaf” among the locals.

The architecture of this castle, like other historical monuments in Iran, is very attractive; Sand soil is one of its construction materials, and different parts of this building, such as the entrance, porch, winter and summer rooms, etc., show the creativity of Iranian architecture. This stronghold withstood the Mongol invasions and was inherited by today’s generation to be remembered as a historical treasure. Do not miss to see Korshahi Castle on your trip to Abuzeydabad Desert, and you can also go to this castle with the help of guides to spend desert nights.

Cultural Attraction Next to Historical Monuments

The people of Abuzeydabad region speak the old dialect of “Bizovi” and the original culture of these people, along with the historical symbols of the region, is one of the tourist attractions of central Iran. So if you are going to go to Abuzeydabad, before reaching the desert area, take a tour among its inhabitants and get acquainted with their culture and dialect. Then head north to show you the small and large hills a few miles away. The further you go, the more colorful the sense of desert and the greater the number of hills.

Accommodation and Camp in Abuzeydabad Desert

Abuzeydabad desert is still one of the most pristine desert textures in Iran and owes this to the lack of construction of large residences. Fortunately, large residences and welfare and service centers have not yet been built in the area; For this reason, the texture of Abuzeydabad desert has remained pristine and untouched. To stay in Abuzeydabad desert, you can refer to Safavid caravanserai. This place is a very old caravanserai that dates back to the Safavid era and now it has been turned into an eco-lodge in the heart of the desert.

In addition, you can reach Kashan and use the accommodations inside this city. To reduce the cost of accommodation on a desert trip, you can go to “Imamzadeh Aqa Ali Abbas” located in the village of Mushkat Kashan and spend the night there

Things to Know Before Visiting Abuzeydabad desert

  • You do not need to obtain a permit to travel to Abuzeydabad desert.
  • This desert is very big and there is a possibility of getting lost in it. So be sure to travel with a tour guide.
  • It is best to have a water bottle with you.
  • Be sure to travel with full equipment.
  • If you are planning to travel by personal vehicle, be sure of its mechanical health.
  • Be sure to bring some sugary snacks like candy.
  • This desert has milder wildlife than the Maranjab Desert.

Equipment Needed to Travel to the Abuzeydabad Desert

  • A cap
  • Walking shoes, preferably high heels
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses
  • A Compass
  • Insect repellent cream
  • Snacks and sugary snacks
  • Small backpack
  • Cash
  • Scarf or face mask
  • Windbreaker
  • Lighter
  • First aid box
  • Power Bank
  • Travel blankets
  • Binoculars and still camera
  • Medications required
  • Personal and hygiene items such as glasses, slippers, etc.
  • A Water bottle

Welfare and Entertainment Facilities of Abuzeydabad desert

Fortunately, there are no welfare and service centers in the Abuzeydabad desert, and to access these types of facilities, you must go to the Safavid caravanserai in Abuzeydabad. In this caravanserai, you can access facilities such as meals, accommodation, electricity, a toilet, and drinking water. But at the same time, you can experience very exciting and fascinating entertainment in this desert.

Activities at the Abuzeydabad Desert


Deserts can be considered nature without borders. In the desert, you can feel peace with all your being. In fewer places, you can experience the peace and quiet of the desert. In addition, the desert shows the true meaning of freedom to man. Many tourists prefer to walk barefoot on the hot sands of the desert barefoot. Walking on desert sands is a very unique experience. The softness of the sand plays softly on the soles of your feet. Even if the excessive heat of the sand burns your foot, it is enough to hide your foot under a layer of sand! By doing this, you can enjoy the coolness of the heart of the earth

Star Observation in Abuzeydabad Desert

If you are participating in desert tours, we strongly recommend that you spend a night in the desert. Desert nights seem to show you another season. There is no more news of the scorching sun and the heat of the desert. Many creatures come out to hunt and live at night. Pure silence fills everywhere and the space is prepared for a friendly period by the fire. It is very pleasant to see the stars in the heart of the desert. You feel the stars so close to you that you want to reach out and pick one. Desert nights are the true meaning of nature. So do not miss this pleasure in any way

Offroading in the Abuzeydabad Desert

Sandbags allow you to experience the thrill in the true sense of the word with the help of off-road vehicles. Near residential areas such as the Safavid caravanserai, there are usually people who, for a small fee, take you for a short time in their own vehicles and convey a certain excitement to you. Driving on sand dunes requires a lot of skill and you will definitely not be able to do it. But the drivers take you up and down the quicksand very fast so that your screams and screams reach the seventh heaven! Usually, the cost of off-road riding per person is about 50,000 Tomans per 20 minutes

Four wheel Motor

Although off-roading can be dangerous for amateurs, you can sit behind the wheel of an off-road motor. Off-road four-wheeled engines have a lot of power and you can ride them up and down different sand dunes. These vehicles are very easy to drive and do not even require a driver’s license. A four-wheeled motorbike is one of the entertainments that you can experience in Abuzeydabad desert. Usually, renting a four-wheeled motorcycle in Abuzeydabad desert for 30 minutes is about 50,000 Tomans

The Abuzeydabad Abad Caravanserai

Abuzeydabad Caravanserai or Safavid Caravanserai is the name of an old caravanserai that has been turned into a desert eco-tourism resort today. The appearance of this caravanserai has remained exactly the same as in the Safavid period and it has been slightly renovated. Wooden windows, stained glass, hand-woven kilims, backs, and beds instead of luxury beds all make you feel like you are back in time. In the middle of this caravanserai, there is a very large yard.

An azure pool with beautiful fountains is located in the middle of this yard and small rooms surround the yard. The wooden boards around the pond have created a calm and family atmosphere so that you can feel the peace of nature with all your being. The caravanserai’s excellent lighting makes it a cozy and romantic place to watch the stars at night. The staff of this caravanserai sets a cashmere table for food and serves you dry firewood bread, local doogh, and azure blue pottery. Everything in this caravanserai is prepared to experience a completely indigenous trip

When do we travel to the desert?

Climatic properties and desert climate are dry and hot and the temperature difference between day and night is high. Due to this type of climate, the cold seasons of the year are a good time to travel to this type of area. In Autumn, winter, and early spring, the desert has a mild temperature and can be a good host for you.

The route to reach Abuzeydabad desert

To go to Abuzeydabad desert, you have to cross the Tehran-Qom highway, enter the Qom-Kashan road, and after passing through Kashan, enter the Abuzeydabad road. When you are about 10 km away from the city, you can see more or fewer sand dunes. This is the beginning of the desert, but to see the pure desert of this region, you must be patient and continue on your way.

Abuzeydabad address on Google Map

If you have only once traveled to the desert and experienced the feeling of walking on soft sand dunes, you know very well how special and relaxing this type of nature tourism is. Immersing yourself in this charismatic nature of the earth is an unparalleled pleasure to experience. Tell us about your memories of going to the desert for a trip to the zone and share this pleasure with us.

Distance of Abuzeydabad desert with surrounding cities

You can choose different routes to start Abuzeydabad desert travelogue. The good thing about the Abuzeydabad desert is that it is an accessible route and a short distance from important cities such as Isfahan, Tehran, and Arak. With just a few hours’ drive, you can reach a pure and memorable desert tour.

The distance from Tehran to Abuzeydabad desert is about 270 km and about 3 hours.

To go from Arak to the desert, you can go from three different routes:

Route one: 278 km and approximately 3 hours and 16 minutes

Route two: 4264 km in about 3 hours and 29 minutes

Route three: 310 km, 4 hours and 14 minutes

The distance of the third city, that is, the distance from Isfahan to the Abuzeydabad desert, like the route from Arak to Abuzeydabad, is three different roads, all three of which differ in only a few minutes.

Route one: 187 km, 2 hours and 15 minutes

Route two: 187 km, 2 hours and 57 minutes

Route 3 with a length of 219 km and three hours and ten minutes

And the last city, Kashan, is the closest distance to the Abuzeydabad desert. The distance from Kashan to Abuzeydabad desert is 38.3 km. If you want to go to Abuzeydabad desert by your own car, it takes 40 minutes to reach Abuzeydabad from Kashan.

The best time to travel to Abuzeydabad desert

Traveling to the desert has its own way. If you are an inexperienced and novice traveler, it is better to know that staying in the desert is not so easy that you can go to the heart of the desert alone and without planning. The best time to travel to Abuzeydabad desert is during the seasons when the heat and dryness of the air are reduced and it is more possible to stay in it. In general, the autumn, winter, and early spring seasons are good times to stay in the Abuzeydabad desert. Of course, keep in mind that autumn and winter desert nights are cold. Pay close attention to the clothes you take with you and do not forget the warm and suitable clothes for cold desert nights.

Abuzeydabad desert climate

The climate of the Abuzeydabad desert, like other desert parts of Iran, is hot and very dry in summer. In cold seasons such as winter and autumn, the desert climate during the week ‌ may go up to +3 degrees and below.

For those who like to experience group and purposeful trips, Abuzeydabad desert tours like most Iran Desert Tours are usually held in the cold half of the year.

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